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Devastating Nick Jonas News: 'I'm Going To Keep My Shirt On For A While'

Why, God, why?

From his sexy stripteases to that Marky Mark-inspired photo shoot, we've been seeing a whole lot of Nick Jonas lately.

And while most of the world is overjoyed about this development, his girlfriend Olivia Culpo isn't necessarily as enthused. When MTV News caught up with the pair at the premiere for Nick's music video for "Jealous" (which was written about the former Miss Universe), we asked Culpo if there's anything Nick does that makes her well, jealous.

While she couldn't come with an answer off the top of her head, talk of Nick's abs immediately helped jog her memory.

"Here's the deal, as a broad comment about our world is that ... we have our world together, which is great and we love that but we also have to give a lot to the world of what is ours," Nick began to explain. "So I think at any point in time, we've just had to make an adjustment in the way we approach things, you know, and how much we're willing to give away to others," he added. "I'm sure the other night when I was out celebrating with my gay fans and I did a little striptease that wasn't the best moment but that's a moment that we share with the world and that's fine."

"That's what it is: Sometimes I get a little jealous when I feel like everybody has to see you without your shirt on, or something like that," Culpo chimed in. "Why does everybody get to see that?"

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Luckily for Culpo (but unfortunately for us), Nick plans to stay fully clothed in season to comes (although we're pretty sure naked is in style during fall and winter months too).

"We're good with that now; we're done there. I'm going to keep my shirt on for a while," he laughed. "It's getting colder so I can just keep it on, layer it up a little bit, you know? It will be good."

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