6 Things We Learned About Nick Jonas From 'Jealous'

Turns out there's more to the music video than just envy and resentment.

It's no surprise that Nick Jonas enlisted girlfriend Olivia Culpo to play the object of his affection in his "Jealous" music video. Not only is the 2012 Miss Universe a total babe, but she also served as Nick's inspiration for the song.

When we caught up with the couple at the video's premiere at the South Street Seaport in New York, Culpo explained one of many instances she's seen the former JoBro get a little jelly.

"The very first time I ever met Nick, he didn't say anything the entire night, and I kind of thought he was a little shy or just a little weird, to be honest," she told MTV News. "Then this one guy comes up to me and made a comment about a part of my body and Nick turned around, turned completely red and said 'What'd you just say?', didn't say anything else for the entire night, hadn't said anything for the entire night. I thought he anger issues [but he's just] very passionate."

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Culpo herself admits the feelings are only natural, saying everyone experiences envy from time to time, including herself.

"I think it's really, really cool. Everybody gets jealous a little bit and he's vocal about it and it's just a fun concept," she said. "I think that couples especially will be able to relate to it."

But there's more to Nick then just, well, jealousy. And while chatting with the pair, we learned six fun facts about the pop star from the tune.

1. Nick's Brain Is Crazy

"I would say that [the music video] is a mind trip and gives you a very layered look into this world that we created," he said. "It's not based in reality at all, but it's just kind of supposed to be an exploration into the mind of Nick Jonas."

2. He's Into Spinning

"I didn't really know that [I'd be playing the cello in] such limited clothing but I also didn't know I'd be spinning around, there was a lot of surprises about it, but it was cool," Olivia said. "I think it was a fun way to incorporate my cello I guess ..."

"I thought that was a fantastic moment," Nick chimed in.

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3. The Singer Is Probably Not Interested In Dating Your Grandma

"There are no rules in art and that's the fun thing about this video is in reality me hitting it off with that older woman probably [wouldn't] be the case, although she's lovely, but it's sort of the broader idea that jealousy can impact any relationship at any point in time and in any circumstance," he explained.

4. The Former JoBro Has A Friend From Louisiana

"The guy in the back of the cab with her is a friend of mine and he was so uncomfortable, he's from Louisiana."

5. He Will Smile ...

"I'm smiling which is not the usual thing people see from me," Nick admitted.

6. ... For Goofy Arm Dances

"It was really natural, [Olivia] was doing this, she was doing the wave and it made me laugh. She was kind of dorking out but it was fun."