Gavin Alaoen

Hold The Phone: Nick Jonas Wants Someone To Fart On Him?

Start fueling up on cabbage ... if you're into that sort of thing.

In Nick Jonas' new single "Jealous," the singer reveals a few things that get him "red in the face." While the lyrics were written for girlfriend Olivia Culpo (or, more specifically,the guys ogling her), we learned a flatulent fan of Demi Lovato's also has him feeling a tad resentful.

"I heard about that," Nick told MTV News when asked if he'd seen his good friend's tweet about a gassy meet-and-greet she recently had. "I was going to write her and ask her what happened because that's probably the best news story I've heard about Demi in a long time. Just the fact that that's news is unbelievable to me."

While Nick has never been in this particular situation in the past, he isn't ruling out the idea of recreating the moment with a special someone in the future.

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"I can honestly say that getting farted on is, like, is a privilege that I've not had with a fan," he said jokingly. "Maybe someday down the road I'll get to that point."

So if cutting the cheese on the JoBro is, for whatever reason, a to-do on your bucket list, start loading up on baked beans and fibrous greens. Your time is now: let her rip.