The College Majors Of (Almost) Every 'Game Of Thrones' Character

Welcome to Westeros University.

Everyone's gotta start somewhere, right? Westeros isn't just about big battles and duels to the death -- education is important, people! A bachelor's degree should be a prerequisite for the Iron Throne. So, what would your favorite "GoT" character study to prepare for the real world (of George R.R. Martin's imagination)?

Spoilers ahead, if you're not caught up with Season 4...

Petyr Baelish - Psychology

Nobody can read a mind quite like Littlefinger can. He always knows what you're up to, but he doesn't care about treating your issues -- he'll just use that info to manipulate you mercilessly.

Khal Drogo - Astronomy

Khal didn't do much with his degree after graduation, but it did inspire those "moon of my sun and stars" pet names with Daenerys.

Cersei Lannister - Finance

Girl gets s--t done. She was one of those annoying people who had a job offer two months into her senior year of college.

Stannis Baratheon - Statistics

This guy's all about the strategy. In college, he was the guy who took out his calculator immediately after every exam to determine where his potential grade landed on the curve.

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Tyrion Lannister - Pre-Law

He can debate. He's good at studying. He likes books. That's all you need to ace the LSATs, right?

Gendry - Mechanical Engineering

He crafted that bull helmet with his bare hands, remember?

Tywin Lannister - Economics

"A Lannister always pays his debts." Enough said.

Melisandre - Comparative Religion

Pity the professor who doesn’t appreciate her essay about the Lord of Light...

Joffrey Baratheon - Political Science (Flunked)

He's desperate to rule the Seven Kingdoms but doesn't actually know what "ruling" entails -- so he wings it 99% of the time. Oops.

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Jaime Lannister - Gender Studies

After trekking wild Westeros with Brienne protecting him, Jaime's ready to explore some new perspectives on female empowerment.

Prince Oberyn Martell - Cultural Anthropology

He's obsessed with the past. His thesis explored how wine affects customs in King's Landing, complete with a taste test critical analysis of every wine available in the kingdom.

Jon Snow - Architecture

Guy knows how to hold a wall.

Ned Stark - Ethics

He lectures his roommates for copying their homework, and takes care of them when they've had a little too much. He knows when to party and when to study. He may not be the most exciting person on campus, but he always uses his...head.

Arya Stark - Performing Arts

Sword-fighting is basically dancing with pointy objects, tbh.

Sansa Stark - Journalism

She's an observer. You might think she's just quiet or shy, but make no mistake, she's listening and analyzing everything you say and do.

Bran Stark - Animal Sciences

It's no secret that Bran has a way with animals. Let's just call him the direwolf whisperer.

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Catelyn Stark - Education

Mama knows best. If Bran had just listened to his mother when she told him not to climb...and if Robb had just listened to his mother when she told him not to marry the wrong girl...

Daenerys Targaryen - Double major, Urban Studies & Foreign Languages

Ever the over-achiever, Daenerys couldn't settle for just one measly major. The skills she learned in college allowed her to take over literally every town she passes through.

Jorah Mormont - International Relations

Building alliances is important to him. His allegiance is with Daenerys now, of course, but he knows when to burn a bridge -- like with King's Landing, or with Chemistry 102 -- if necessary.

Gilly - Nursing

Even a White Walker attack can't take her focus off the baby.

Viserys Targaryen - World History

He really only cared for the lessons about kings and ancient dynasties, though. Everything else was boring.

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Varys - Public Relations

This gossip king can spin anything to make it sound just the way he wants it to.

Robert Baratheon - Philosophy

He majored in philosophy because he thought it'd be an easy GPA booster. He was very, very wrong.

Ygritte - Geology

Learning about igneous rock formations was critical to her survival beyond the wall.

Margaery Tyrell - Marketing

Margaery knows how to market herself. She marketed herself right on up to become the Queen of Westeros. Well, until Joffrey died. But now she's free to go after Tommen, so there's that.

Hodor - Communications

The college’s career services offices said he needed a little more practice before listing "public speaking" as a skill on his resume.