Here's Rihanna In A Bikini Doing The Shmoney Dance On A Yacht

Rihanna blessed us with an Instagram guest appearance.

Remember the sheer and unadulterated glory of Rihanna's Instagram account?

The emptiness in our lives since the singer deleted her account/had it suspended has been palpable, which is probably why she decided to bless us with some cameos in her friend's Insta videos this weekend.

Wherever she is, it looks like Rih Rih is having a better Labor Day weekend than any of us. Appearing through clouds of smoke, she's rocking a strappy, tan bikini, and listening to the newest hot rap track Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N---a" on a yacht with her friends.

The glorious dance moves, gorgeous weather and sense of overall chill make this moment feel unmissable. Oh, and there's the fact that she's doing the meme, wildfire "shmoney dance."

And a little more shomney:

Real slow now:

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Everyone is remixing the New York rapper's track, even French Montana offered a version, but can you imagine if Rihanna did a remix? Then we'd all be shmoney dancing—not just Drake or Michael Jackson in this this amazing mashup.

We though Shmurda made it when he signed a record deal with Epic, or maybe even when he judged a "So You Think You Can Shmoney Dance" battle. But now we know, Rihanna's midas touch is the true signal. Shmurda is fire.