Bobby Shmurda Judges The 'So You Think You Can Shmoney Dance' Battle

Shmoney dancing in Brooklyn.

(Watch Bobby Shmurda judge the Shmoney Dance contest above)

Bobby Shmurda is on fire right now. His "Hot N---a" music video is quickly approaching four million views on YouTube and the shmoney dance that he shows off in the video is the hottest step in hip-hop.

The dance has spawned several Vines on the Internet, captivated parties from New York City to Miami and even helped the 20-year-old rapper to sign his deal with Epic Records. Last week, on July 16, MTV took Shmurda and his GS9 partner-in-rhyme, Rowdy Rebel, out to Fulton Mall in Brooklyn, New York to judge a shmoney dance battle.

Bobby's version of the dance features him throwing his hat in the sky, swaying his hips back and forth and waving his hands in the air. "You could be doing your own shmoney dance, but as long as you got feeling in it and you're confident 100 percent, you doing it," he said.