Has Rihanna's Instagram Account Been Deleted?

Badgalriri has mysteriously disappeared from Instagram.

Editor's note: Rihanna's Instagram has since been reactivated, but photos from her Lui magazine spread are still gone.

Notice anything different on your Instagram account in the past few hours? If you've been feeling a bit empty, it's probably because Rihanna hasn't been filling up your feed with any sexy, rated-R photos or hilarious and inappropriate social commentary. Rih's Instagram account has vanished, leaving only an "error" message in its wake.

It's possible that Rihanna decided to temporarily suspend her own account, but that seems so unlikely considering the amount of fun she's been having with it lately. Our second guess is that her account may have been flagged for its content. Last week she went on a posting spree, sharing photos from her Lui magazine cover spread, which included her in both topless and bottomless poses.

A short while after posting her topless cover shot on Instagram, she deleted the photo and directed fans to Twitter instead, to see the image. That's one sign that she may have been flagged for sharing inappropriate content on the social media site.

Earlier in the week, she joined the Internet in voicing collective outrage at Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his racist comments, and those notes weren't too PG either.

Hopefully this is just a temporary thing, because really, what would Instagram be without Rih Rih?