Once Again, Beyonce Silences The 'Haters' By Kissing Jay Z On Instagram

Sometimes a video says a thousand words.

Beyoncé has made rumor-quashing via photo into an art, most recently sharing a clip from the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards to Instagram that seems to be addressing rumors that she and husband Jay Z are on the outs.

The video merely shows Jay and Beyonce kissing, Blue Ivy in tow -- a message that seems to tell the "haters," as Tina Knowles calls them, "We're all good."

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Sunday night's VMAs were a surprisingly tearful affair -- from Sam Smith taking the stage to Miley Cyrus' proxy acceptance speech -- but we weren't expecting to be as touched by Bey's 16-plus-minute performance as we were. It was a stunner of a show that was capped off with a tearful embrace from husband Jay and an ovary-bursting "Good job, Mommy!" from Blue Ivy.

Of course, that brief interaction onstage attracted a lot of scrutiny from those looking for cracks in the couple's relationship, so Bey's honing in on that one moment seems to be an effort to put those whispers to rest.

Beyoncé previously (perhaps) addressed divorce rumors by donning a jersey reading "Carter" and posting a sexy photo to Instagram.