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Beyonce's Insta-Shutdowns: Setting The Record Straight On Solange, Thigh Gaps & More

Media speculation? Not on Bey's watch.

Earlier today (May 14), Beyoncé responded to the controversy surrounding that controversial elevator video of Solange fighting with husband Jay Z by Instagramming a series of photos of her and her sister looking super cute and sisterly.

Speculation may still abound over this story, but at least we know for certain that the Knowles sisters' bond remains intact. Another thing we can glean from this? Probably the undeniable truth that the "Pretty Hurts" singer is still the reigning queen of shutting the media down with a perfectly timed, well-executed Instagram upload. You see, this isn't the first time Bey's stopped the rumor mill from, um ... milling? Check it out.

1.) L.Y.L.A.S.

As rumors spread that the controversy surrounding the leaked elevator video had torn the Knowles sisters apart, Beyoncé Instagrammed four very happy photos to disprove the gossip.

2.) The Big Rih-Veal

The New York Daily News alleged that Rihanna might have been involved in the "scandal," a claim that Bey appears to have refuted with this all-smiles upload.

3.) "Thigh Gap-Gate"? SMDH

After Beyoncé posted this photo of herself playing golf on vacation, some Internet watchers accused the performer of Photoshopping a fancy, new thigh gap for herself before Instagramming it. I guess "thigh gap" was really trending in early April? Maybe they were just jealous of her vacation house's private green? No idea.

What I do know is that a few days later, Bey shared a picture of literally just her legs to show how little a role ***Photoshop played in her ***flawless vacay photo.

4.) Drinking for One

OK, so this one's from Tumblr, but it totally still counts. Last May, it was rumored that Beyoncé was pregnant with her and Jay Z's second child. So, what did Bey do? She posted two photos of herself engaging in non-pregnant lady behavior: drinking wine and nomming on tuna.

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Remember how the day after Bey dropped her game-changing surprise studio album, she trolled us all by innocently Instagramming a photo of some vegan cupcakes?

Deactivatedfatgirl remembers.