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Justin Bieber Loves Hats, Hates Shirts

Outfit - Shirt + Hat = Justin Bieber

It's no secret that Justin Bieber has a tendency to go shirtless. Last year, that was basically the only ~look~ we saw him in—from the hospital to the airport and even to the club with Diddy and Jermaine Dupri (who remained fully clothed, BTW). The thing that gets overlooked about Biebsy's shirtlessness, though, is that it's often topped off with a hat.

Snapback, felted fedora, printed bucket—any of them will do. Prince Biebs is indiscriminate. As long as it covers his head while his chest remains UNcovered, it'll do. Don't believe me? Here are 27 pics (and one video!) that prove Justin Bieber loves hats and hates shirts.

Here's a little story about a boy named Justin

He likes to wear hats without a shirt

Like, a lot

See what I mean?

Sometimes the hat in question is a beanie

Sometimes it's a bucket hat

Other times it's a fedora

Usually, though, it's a snapback

Generally the formula is: Pants + Sagging - Shirt + Hat

But sometimes he'll throw in a gold-fingerless-gloves moment

Sometimes he even goes without shoes #nextlevel

On rare occassion, he'll top it off with a sleeveless vest

And almost ALWAYS, he's showing off his Calvins

Sometimes it's his look for just standing around

But he's been known to rep it on ATVs (with a chain)

And even on a Segway (again, with a chain)

You really notice the unique styling choice when he hangs out with a fully clothed person

Which, TBH, happens a lot

He's gone (- Shirt + Hat) with Cristiano Ronaldo...

With models...

With his brother...

With his sister...

With his brother AND his sister...

And even with his mentor, Usher...

Biebs, you're a special little shirtless unicorn

~*~NeVeR cHaNgE~*~