Justin Bieber Brings Fans Into Hospital Room After Onstage Collapse

While most fans felt bad for Bieber, many wondered why the singer forgot his shirt in the hospital.

Now that Justin Bieber is on the mend after collapsing mid-concert, many of his fans are hoping he will take some time to rest up. But given that he's expected to perform on Friday night at London's O2 Arena, it doesn't seem likely he'll have much time for it.

"I love Justin for always wanting to put fans before himself, but he can't always do that. He needs to start putting his health first," @KidrauhlSweetie wrote, adding "Justin's face in the candids yesterday though...he looked so scared. Poor baby. I feel so bad for him."

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Bieber managed to update his fans from the hospital, where he was taken after the incident, tweeting out a shirtless picture of himself from his bed. While many fans tweeted their concern, several others had adverse reactions to the photo. "sad that justin bieber had to go to the hospital b/c he couldn't find his shirt. justin, the gap has more shirts. hospitals are for medicine," @leahkartun tweeted. @mikebelieberr added, "of course the first thing justin does while in the hospital is gets someone to take a shirtless picture of him for his instagram :D."

Shirtless or not, most Beliebers expressed support and concern for their star, especially after all the media attention he's gotten since touching down in London last week.

"Paparazzis are waiting outside Justin's hospital? just give him a break he doesn't deserve all this," @bieberflaws shared about the media attention surrounding the incident. ‏@JBieber515 added, "Being a Belieber has it's ups & its downs but in the end it's worth it all because I'm here for Justin & I'll stick w/ him till the end!"

Much like other fans, @OhDaBieberSwag, had this message: "It kills me knowing Justin is scared he's [losing] us, he will NEVER [lose] us, we made a promise to stick by his side through everything."

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