Justin Bieber's Very Shirtless 2013: The Most Un-Beliebable Moments

MTV News takes a look back at Bieber's shirtless year, one photo at a time.

Almost everywhere Justin Bieber went in 2013, he did so without a shirt on, making him the most-shirtless pop star in the history of the music industry — a statistic we totally made up, but given the photo evidence it just might be true. On his Instagram account alone, the Biebs posted a whopping 44 shirtless photos this year.

Matthew McConaughey seems to fully approve, and so do we. To prove it, we've rounded up some of the most unexpected places Bieber showed up shirtless to.

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Who needs a shirt when you've got an adorable little sister to hang out with?


Only weeks after posting a photo of himself shirtless in the hospital after falling ill in concert, Bieber did the TSA a big favor when he took off his shirt while going through airport security.


Summer does tend to get pretty hot, so Bieber was just being pragmatic when he was snapped walking down the street without his shirt on.


Even when he was hanging out with his grandparents, Justin still wouldn't put a shirt on.


Bieber defied the rules of the road by the time fall rolled around. Take note, Segways and dirtbikes aren't a match for Bieber when he is missing his top.


Who needs to ride around in a car with a shirt on? Not Bieber!


Sometimes Bieber goes shirtless just because he can. Not that we're complaining.


No shoes, no shirt, no service. Not unless you're in Bieber's kitchen.