'Teen Wolf' Poll: Are Derek And Braeden A Match Made In Werewolf Heaven?

There's no denying that sparks were flying between the former Alpha and the mercenary!

Dennifer who? Daige what? Kerek when?

Draeden is where it's at, "Teen Wolf" shippers... er, at least judging from their steamy make-out session on Monday night's ep. While Scott was off playing dead, Malia was ripping Peter to shreds, and the rest of the crew were hunting down the Benefactor, Derek and Braeden were playing kissy face in the former Alpha's loft. And it. Was. Hot.

We can't be sure why the sexypants mercenary was at the Hale residence in the first place — she was recently released from the hospital, so perhaps she needed a safe place to crash? Anyway, when she awoke, homegirl went straight to a sleeping Derek to tend to his abs belly wound that strangely wasn't healing.

Once Braeden realized Derek was losing his werewolf powers, she took it upon herself to give him a lesson in being a human badass: Right after whipping him in an impromptu game of arm-wrestling, she taught him the ways of a handgun. Aaaand that's about when an armed D-man laid one on her — and by one, we mean his lips.

Yowza! While Derek and Braeden are both a couple of stubborn, fierce fighters, do you think they make a good romantical match? Cast your vote, and catch an all-new "Teen Wolf" Monday at 10/9c!

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Graphics via TV.com, draedens.co.vu