Is The Martin Family Responsible For The 'Teen Wolf' Hit List?

On tonight's episode, Lydia got some jarring news about her grandmother.

A word to the wise: If you could use a relaxing weekend at a serene lake house, call anyone but Lydia Martin.

On tonight's "Teen Wolf" episode, the banshee who's manage to uphold a perfect GPA continued to rifle through her family's heirlooms at the Martin's vacation home for clues about The Benefactor's identity. Since the record player that first helped her produce the dead pool's code had recently gone radio silent, she redirected her search to the place's mini-marina. But just when Lydia was onto something, her mother Natalie appeared.

Lydia, who wasn't ready to explain the complexities of the assassins-versus-supernaturals war to her mortal mother (Parents: They just don't understand!), had to play dumb when Natalie asked her why she'd been sneaking away from Beacon Hills each weekend. Instead, Lydia let Natalie share a few choice family stories -- like, you know, how Lydia's late grandmother was institutionalized for "hearing things" (sounds like it runs in the family...) just before she died. Natalie also explained that Lydia's grandmother requested that Lydia spread her ashes, but when Lydia reached inside the woman's supposed urn, she only pulled out fistfuls of Mountain Ash.

Finally, Natalie shared one final artifact Lydia's grandmother had left behind -- a piece of paper with what appeared to be gibberish scribbled across each line, but what Lydia ultimately realized was code. This, paired with the fact that Kira and Scott determined that The Benefactor must be a banshee, had us starting to connect some pretty unfortunate dots...

What do you think: Is it possible either Lydia or her presumably banshee grandmother is The Benefactor (let's not forget -- Lydia's no stranger to going into trances, only to come to with no memory of what had happened)? Or, if not, why do both women have what seems to be the hit list's code tucked inside their minds? Share your reactions to tonight's episode and make your predictions in the comments below!