'Teen Wolf' Sociopath Kate Argent Is Back! But What's Her Agenda?

The woman is now a werejaguar, and we can't imagine what tricks she has up her sleeve!

Let this be a lesson -- in Beacon Hills, "dead" is a relative term.

On tonight's "Teen Wolf" Season 4 premiere, Scott, Kira, Stiles, Lydia and Malia traveled south of the border to reclaim a kidnapped Derek. They'd gotten word that a crew of Mexican werewolf hunters known as The Calaveras had abducted him, but when they arrived at the compound with $50,000 in bail money, they learned the group didn't have him. And, worse, the deadly Kate Argent had recently escaped from their grip.

After helping Scott realize that Kate was still alive by administering memory-triggering torture, The Cavaleras' head honcho Araya explained that when her crew of hunters got word that Kate's throat had been slashed by Peter Hale, they snatched her body away from its casket and imprisoned her. The reason: They feared that if Kate hadn't been killed, she would eventually "turn." Well, their suspicions were valid, and after fully healing, Kate, who'd transformed into a werejaguar, murdered six Calaveras hunters and stole away to a nearby ghost town known as "La Iglesia." The Calaveras' mercenary Braeden told Scott's pack that no one who'd ever approached Kate's hideout had survived, but the teens went after it -- and Derek -- all the same.

When Scott's pack arrived at the church which Derek and Kate were rumored to be hidden beneath, they found the former, who'd been Benjamin Button'ed, but not the latter. It's not clear where Kate is or what she's up to, but The Calaveras are actively after her. And Braeden has alluded to the fact that Kate has committed some unspeakable horrors.

So, faithful "Teen Wolf" fans, tell us what you think -- with the limited information we have about the newly supernatural Kate, what do you think she's doing in La Iglesia?