'Virgin Territory' Poll: Should Kyle Have Swiped His V-Card With Amanda?

The college student finally conquered his nerves and got intimate with an old pal.

To swipe or not to swipe? That is the question.

After Kyle's uncomfortable horse-and-buggy date with Tabby, we'd be lying if we said we weren't a bit worried about the 20-year-old in regards to the ladies' department. While the outing was well-planned and beyond romantical, Tabby clearly wasn't feelin' it, which left us bummed for Kyle during their awkward farewell.

Then Kyle's longtime friend Amanda came to save the day -- and his confidence. While home for a family visit during tonight's episode of "Virgin Territory," Kyle and his gal pal spent some quality time together. After an interesting sex talk with his mom over pasta dough (and a quick check-in with his supportive bros), Kyle invited Amanda over for a dip in the hot tub. There, she was adamant about her desire to be his first.

"You kiss good for a virgin," Amanda teased. (Memo to Mandy: Just 'cause you're innocent in between the sheets doesn't mean you're an amateur at smooching! Just ask Luke.)

Later, after a chilly jaunt at an ice-skating rink, the ever-eager Amanda invited Kyle over to her place, where he was visibly nervous and questioned whether he was even ready at all to swipe his v-card. After Amanda's insistence ("You just need to stop talking and go for it."), Kyle quickly cast his nerves aside, grabbed a condom and killed the lights.

After the deed was done, Kyle had no misgivings. "Once you do it, you're not gonna regret it," he said. "You're gonna want more." Well, then!

Sounds like Kyle is all smiles about his decision, but what do you think? Did he rush things, and should he have waited to be in an actual relationship? Or was he emotionally prepared to have sex for the first time? Cast your vote, and comment with your thoughts!

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+ Questioning whether or not to swipe your v-card? It's a decision not to be taken lightly -- be sure to check out ItsYourSexLife.com for tips and advice.