'Virgin Territory' Sneak Peek: Kyle Finally Reveals His Secret

The 20-year-old admits that he still has his V-card, but how do his friends react?

A handsome student on MTV's new docu-series "Virgin Territory" may still be carrying his V-card, but it’s not exactly by choice.

In fact, 20-year-old Kyle is trying to lose his virginity – and, in the meantime, hiding his chaste status from his college friends. His secret is finally revealed, however, when his pals question why he didn't bring home a girl after a night on the town.

"I get nervous," Kyle says in the sneak peek, below. "I can't make a move; I'm just not good at that."

"You have to," his friend Anthony says. "That's the only way you're gonna know."

"You don’t understand," begins Kyle, who's just one of 15 celibate young adults featured on the series. "There's something you don't know about me. It's, like, bad -- I don't like sharing it. I'm still a virgin."

So how do his friends react to the news? Watch the video to find out, and be sure to tune in to the premiere of "Virgin Territory" on Wednesday, July 16 at 11/10c.