'Virgin Territory' Poll: Are Dominique And Sain Relationship Material?

After a rocky start, the duo had a dynamite dinner date -- and he didn't even flinch when she announced, 'No ringy, no dingy!'

Going on a first date is nerve-wracking enough, but toss in the fact that you're a virgin, and it takes those jitters to a whole other level.

Dominique, the woman behind our favorite new catchphrase, "No ringy, no dingy!" (seriously, can we get some T-shirts made?) went out with a guy named Sain -- her first date in years -- on tonight's episode of "Virgin Territory." Suffice it to say, we were grinning the entire time the two were enjoying their tasty crab legs. You know when a first date is terribly, uncomfortably awkward (read: Kyle and Tabby's horse-carriage outing)? This was the exact opposite.

While Dom and Sain got off to a rocky start during their first post-club interaction (a few choice yo' mama jokes and B-words were tossed around), the dinner outing itself went smoothly. When Dominique revealed that she's waiting until marriage to have sex — even telling Sain, "No ringy, no dingy!" (Dom, you're our new hero) — Sain replied gentlemanly: "I'm a relationship guy. I personally don't have no problem waiting." AWWW!!!

These two will likely be going on a second date, but will the chemistry continue? Cast your vote on whether you think they'll become a couple in the near future!

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