Tyrion Lannister Cheats On Ser Pounce With Grumpy Cat: See The Hot Pic

Peter Dinklage is the god of cat selfies and wine.

UPDATE: Sadly, this picture is a photoshop job, Grumpy Cat has never met Peter Dinklage. However, it's still pretty awesome to look at, so original story follows.

Nobody tell Ser Pounce, but Tyrion is cheating on him with another famous cat, as this amazing picture proves:

We don't know where this picture of Peter Dinklage and Grumpy Cat came from, other than it looks like a party worthy of King's Landing itself. That dude in the back sure seems psyched, at least.

Also, if anything ever happens to Peter Dinklage, it looks like Grumpy Cat could jump right in as everyone's favorite imp on "Game Of Thrones" without missing a beat.

Now someone snag a picture of Arya with L'il Bub, and we can shut down the internet for the day.