Nev Threw An iPhone On This Season's 'Catfish'...And Other Firsts

We've seen a whole lot of new -- and truly unique -- situations take place so far during the series' third run...

This week's episode of "Catfish" marked a first for the series: After Nev and Max tried to orchestrate two face-to-face meetings between Miranda and Gabby, the latter didn't show.

But it's certainly not the only "first" from Season 3. Here's a look back at some of the most unique moments so far:

First non-romantic storyline: Lucille and Kidd Cole

Lucille didn't contact the super-sleuths because she had a crush on Kidd -- she wanted to uncover the truth about the man who claimed to be a music producer working for Kanye West's G.O.O.D. label. She worried that he might be using her for her cash -- and sure enough, Kidd turned out to be a con artist.

First phone-throwing: Nev

When the Internet detective couldn't contain his frustration with Kidd Cole, he tossed the scammer's iPhone into the Potomac River -- and totally showed off his gangsta side.

really talking to his cousin Carmen. The kicker: Carmen was the one who contacted Nev and Max to help her lovesick relative. She later revealed the reason behind her scheming ways: Antwane had once humiliated her by calling her "fat-ass Kelly Price," and she wanted to turn the tables on him -- in front of cameras.

First matching tattoos: Solana and Elijah

Even though the duo from the hairiest episode ever didn't wind up together, they decided to get complementary ink to commemorate their journey. In turn, Nev and Max also got some (fake) matching body art.

First celebrity appearance: Tracie Thoms

The show has a bunch of famous fans -- Rihanna, Rebel Wilson and Josh Groban are just a few -- but the actress became the first to seek the guys' assistance after her communication with a fan on Twitter went awry.

+ What's your favorite "first" from this season? Weigh in, and catch a new episode of "Catfish" Wednesday night at 10/9c.