Our Favorite Moments From The Hairiest 'Catfish' Episode Yet

Nev and Max couldn't get enough of Solana's and Elijah's 'dos -- and we're kind of obsessed, too.

Internet sleuths Nev Schulman and Max Joseph have encountered plenty of hairy situations during their time on "Catfish," but never before has the term been so applicable.

On this week's episode, hairstylist Solana sought the duo's help in trying to track down her longtime MySpace crush Elijah. Their profile pics, for review:

Yeah, they've both got some dynamic 'dos. After finding other images of Elijah, Max made a keen prediction about what was about to unfold:

And boy, was he right. The Silver Fox himself and Nev couldn't stop talking about their subjects' strands, and now we can't, either. Sure, Solana and Elijah didn't end up together (too bad -- can you imagine the thick, luscious locks they would have passed down to their children?), but the memories of their manes will last forever. Let's take a look at the episode's best moments:

During their first meeting, Solana gives Nev's coif some love at the salon.

After the crew discovers that Elijah is indeed the man in the photographs/videos, Nev asks the question on everyone's mind. Here's Elijah's answer:

Nope, not a wig. Glad we got that cleared up. Anyway, why was Elijah delayed when the crew arrived at his house?

Next up: style change! Solana shows up with curly platinum tresses.

And during the catch-up, newlywed Solana (she tied the knot with her boyfriend Danny) shows off a brand-new hue.

+ What was your favorite hair moment from the episode? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to keep watching Season 3 of "Catfish," Wednesday nights at 10/9c!