'Free Agents' GIF Of The Week: Funny Gal Devyn Finally Gets Serious

She's been underestimated, but Dev says she's ready to fight for first place.

Most of Devyn's "Free Agents" commentary has been coupled with a wink, but now that the finals are underway, she's hiding her smile in favor of a game face.

While the final six competitors were gearing up to go to war on last week's episode, Zach reminded the group of Devyn's dreadful performance in the "Battle of the Seasons" finale. And soon, everyone began taking digs at the former "Real World: Brooklyn" housemate.

Devyn, who's totally open about her competitive shortcomings, said she couldn't blame them. But on the other side of the coin, she assured them she was finally ready to fight. "Never underestimate me," she said in an unusually self-assured tone.

She'll have some ground to make up, though, because on tomorrow's episode, top-tier competitors Bananas and Laurel will keep their lead on the competition by decisively winning the mission's first leg.

"I am so happy to have a lead, and I want to continue this lead until the end," Laurel says in the sneak peek, below.

And though Zach's still struggling with Devyn upstream, Bananas couldn't be happier with his first partner of the competition. "Laurel is one of those people who's good at everything," he says.

Watch the video, and see who wins "Free Agents" tomorrow night at 10/9c!