Zach On Devyn Rising To The 'Challenge': Cool, 'Til I Had To Canoe With Her

She was a master of The Draw, but her first test in the 'Free Agents' finals didn’t go so well.

Go ahead and call Devyn the weakest girl in the "Free Agents" game, but the bottom line is this: She's been on two "Challenges," and after tonight, she can officially say she's made it to the end of both.

By playing smart, siding with the right people and possibly keeping a lucky doubloon in her back pocket, Devyn's outlasted some gladiators to stand among the final six. And Zach, one of the game's toughest guys, was thrilled for her...until she was named his partner for the first leg of the final mission.

In the "Challenge: Free-For-All" clip below, Zach reminisces about fighting through both "Battle of the Seasons" and "Free Agents" as Devyn's roommate -- then sounds off on his uncanny connection with the "Real World: Brooklyn" export and her unlikely road to the top. "It didn't bother me [that you made the final] until I had to canoe with you," he jokingly tells Devyn, before describing the horror of being tossed into a raging river on tonight's episode after the pair's boat capsized.

"The same rock that I headbutted, Devyn climbed onto and was like, 'Oh no, where's Zach?'" he adds, mocking her all-too-cavalier attitude toward the accident. Things didn't look too good for Zach when the end credits began to roll, so on the bright side, at least we know he survives!

Check out the video, and see which two competitors walk away as winners on next week's "Free Agents" finale!