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The eight roommates say their last good-byes before leaving Brooklyn.

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  1. After Ryan got a call that would bring him back to fight in Iraq, the roommates took...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Ryan takes a step in the right direction when it comes to healing his mind and body from...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Real World: Brooklyn roommate Ryan has only given his roommates a glimpse into his life...  Read Full Summary »



  1. Read up on Ryan's first book, 'An Angel From Hell.'

  2. The eight roommates who are no longer strangers say their last good-byes before leaving Brooklyn, but not before letting the claws come out for one last time.

  3. Get the dirt on what really happened in the 'Real World: Brooklyn' house, and find out what the cast members are up to now.

  1. Baya, JD and Scott give us their commentary on the season finale of 'Real World: Brooklyn.'

  2. Pedro Zamora gave the world a glimpse into the life of someone who is HIV-positive when he was on 'Real World: San Francisco.' Watch the movie that was inspired by Pedro's story.

  3. The BK roomies go out with a bang with the biggest prank of all. Flip through all the highlights.

  1. Flip through backstage photos from the Real World: Brooklyn reunion special.

  2. Get to know Pedro Zamora, the inspiration behind 'Pedro The Movie.'

  3. Watch the full season of the 'Real World: San Francisco.'

  1. Pedro Zamora commited his life to educating people about HIV/AIDs. Watch never-before-scene video from his lectures

  2. Grammy-winning musician Residente talks to MTV Tr3s about safe sex from 'Pedro' event.

  3. The life of late "Real World" star Pedro Zamora is remembered in an MTV film, and President Clinton remembers his impact.

  1. Find out what it took to recreate the Real World San Fran from actors Alex Loynaz (Pedro), DaJuan Johnson (Sean) and Karolin Luna (Rachel).

  2. Get involved with helping brave veterans like Ryan.

About Real World: Brooklyn

  1. Coney Island. Prospect Park. Trendy bars full of hipsters. Brooklyn, NY, has got it all. And The Real World is about to touch down and shake the borough up by throwing eight -- yes, eight -- strangers in a house together in one of the hippest neighborhoods in the world. As they live together, The Real World roommates discover other cultures and lifestyles and learn what kind of person they are -- and want to become.

    This time, though, rather than band together for a job or activity, each will pursue their own individual dreams. From being an entertainer to volunteering to making films to modeling, the eight roomies are about to find out if they can cut it when it comes to reaching their goals.

    The Real World: Brooklyn brings together eight different personalities from all walks of life who are ready to explore NYC and hopefully make new friends along the way. But when they stop being polite and start getting real, they wind up learning about each other, discovering themselves and going down paths they never dreamed of.

    Unleash the drama! As always, when Real Worlders come together, first impressions are everything -- some will be instant BFFs while others will be left out in the cold. But no matter how things unfold, there's definitely going to be plenty of eyebrow-raising antics, and fierce fights.

    As the roommates lives collide, their values will be challenged and their true feelings will be exposed. Conflicts will arise, and friendships will be made. Yes, living in Brooklyn just got a little bit more interesting...