Jemal Countess / Stringer/Getty Images

'Wild 'N Out' Boss Nick Cannon Takes Another Hit For The Team

This time, it's newbie Blair Christian who's throwing the punches!

Nick Cannon's rap career is providing plenty of fodder for his raucous "Wild 'N Out" gang.

Just last week, funnyman Karlous Miller poked fun at his boss' musical endeavors, and now newbie Blair Christian is doing the exact same.

"My favorite rap artist is Nick Cannon," Blair says in the backstage clip below, just before bursting into laughter. "No, I'm just playing."

And Nick isn't her only target: Later on in the rapid-fire interview, Blair bares her claws again by confessing that her pet peeve is "fat guys" (harsh!) and that the last thing she told a man in bed was "Move over!" She probably shouldn't put that on her OkCupid profile...

See more from the Chicago beauty, below, and catch her and the rest of the Season 6 cast when "Wild 'N Out" premieres next Wednesday, July 2, at 11/10c on MTV2!