'Wild 'N Out' Comedian Karlous Miller Said His Favorite Rapper Is Nick Cannon...Then Laughed A Lot

But we're betting the show's host will (once again) forgive the Season 6 sophomore.

Nick Cannon: He forgives, and he forgets.

How do we know? Despite Karlous Miller trying to sweep his closet clean of all its swag last year, the "Wild 'N Out" bossman still invited the charismatic comedian from the South back for Season 6.

Nick must see something special in Miller and, frankly, we do too. That's why MTV2 sat down with the funnyman and, in an effort to get to know him better, asked him a few rapid-fire questions. Among the fascinating information we obtained: One of his nicknames is Dirty Bacon. And his favorite rapper is, drum roll, please...

"Nick Cannon," Karlous says, before bursting into laughter. Throwing shade, much?

Perhaps Karlous needs a reminder that he was revering the "WNO" host very recently. The proof: an interview in which he said he wanted to "get on Nick's album."

Yup, archives are a bitch.

Get to know Karlous even better in the clip, and be sure to watch him and the rest of the cast when "Wild 'N Out" Season 6 premieres July 2 at 11/10c on MTV2.