Kanye Is Cool, But You Need To See These 14 Bonnaroo Bands

Small print bands, big talent.

Bonnaroo is a mere day away and those heading down to Tennessee are probably getting all stoked to take in sets by the likes of Kanye West, Jack White and Elton John.

We get it. Everyone likes a stadium-filler. But there are also plenty of amazing acts down in the small-print section of the show poster that deserve the highest of biddings in your heart.

Yup, a fest is all about sampling -- finding new music while screaming en masse along to old -- and below we've compiled 14 bands you really need a taste of come Bonnaroo weekend.

1). Syd Arthur

This U.K. psych-rock band was a finalist in the O Music Awards Make A Band Famous category. They also make us want to dance in a field as the world tumbles into the sea.

2). Speedy Ortiz

Tap into your not-so-teenage angst with Sadie Dupuis and her cohorts. This is the band to jump up and down to while clutching your heart. No crossed arms allowed.

3). The Orwells

David Letterman is this garage punk band's biggest fan. With a sentence like that, do you really need more convincing?

4). Royal Canoe

This band rowed right out of Canada, bringing with it a wave of funk-edged rock 'n' roll and plenty of flowing falsetto. We'll stop with the water puns now.

5). John & Jacob

This duo was also nominated in the O Music Awards' Make A Band Famous category -- for good reason. Kick back with something cool while drinking in their gospel-tinged acoustic tunes.

6). Diarrhea Planet

The last time we saw this garage punk band they were guitar solo'ing on inflatable donuts at Hangout Fest. Enough said.

7). Jonathan Toubin

The world's PREMIERE soul DJ -- on 45s, no less -- no party is complete without a little Toubin. Shake all over -- under sideways and down.

8). King Khan & The Shrines

This outfit is a Berlin-based garage rock and psychedelic soul band who often busts out costumes while performing. Also, they sound like the above, so why are you still sitting there? Get up and dance.

9). Those Darlins

All the way from Bonnaroo homebase Nashville, Tennessee, this band will make you feel like you're leaning on a jukebox, swaying in your leather jacket and greased-back hair, watching your love dance with someone else.

10). Cloud Nothings

Do you feel like moshing the pain away? Luckily, Cloud Nothings -- who hail from Cleveland, Ohio -- exist.

11). BANKS

We've already crowned BANKS' "Drowning" the breakup song of the summer. Commiserate with the Cali singer/songwriter IRL this weekend.

12). Caveman

Chill out with this Brooklyn band, whose intrepid band member Jimmy Carbonetti makes his own custom guitars.

13). Darkside

Every fest needs an atmospheric slow-down moment. Let Brooklyn electronic duo Darkside score yours.

14). MS MR

Speaking of New York-based duos, get dark 'n' sway-y with MS MR. This is gonna be an eye-closed-cause-you-feel-it set, guys.