So Can Letterman Just Start His Orwells Fan Club Already?

He could make stickers and pins and patches!

What do most people do when they retire? Play golf, right? Travel to warm places? Finally write the Great American Robot Porn Novel? Given Tuesday night's episode of "The Late Show With David Letterman," I'm guessing the iconic host will be doing none of the above. Nope, I'm willing to wager he's just going to go ahead and become the president of The Orwells' fan club.

The last time the teen and barely teen Illinois garage punk band graced Letterman's stage was barely six months ago -- and they apparently made such an impression the first time that the late night king decided to have them back. Their first performance included lots of floor-undulating from frontman Mario Cuomo -- who also plopped down in the coveted guest chair during their rendition of "Who Needs You" -- prompting Letterman to ask for an encore and band leader Paul Shaffer to bust out his own cover of the single.

It was a bizarre moment -- the incongruous juxtaposition of Cuomo's eye-rolling, nearly demonic energy and Letterman and Shaffer's suited glee. Last night's performance was no different. Monday night, the guys played a small -- sweaty, sweaty, sweaty -- show at Brooklyn DIY venue Shea Stadium in front of a teeming all-ages throng of kids in various stages of punk-i-fication. Then, less than 24 hours later, they were busting through a rendition of "Righteous One" -- off of their new record Disgraceland -- on the glossy late night show, Cuomo sporting a newly dyed half-black head of hair for the occasion.

When Letterman asked the guys for one more song, they obliged this time, and the guys and Shaffer blazed into an encore of "Who Needs You," complete with improvised lyrics from the band leader. (Note: This performance is not yet available online. Sorry, folks.)

In addition to fan club pres, perhaps the guys need another vocalist? Think about it, Paul...