Listen Up You Bedwetters: Diarrhea Planet Want You To Rock Harder

Try to top inflatable donuts -- if you can.

So… I’m not just saying this because I’m a huge garage rock/punk fan, but Diarrhea Planet just basically won Hangout Fest 2014 thus far. Three words: “Crowdsurfing on donuts.” Need I say more?

Friday, we issued an unofficial challenge to the boys from Nashville to best Black Lips, their Southern garage rock counterparts, when it came to delivering a hot and spicy, crazy show in Alabama.

And, dudes, did they deliver. Not that the Black Lips were not amazing and wonderful and brimming with joyful menace — it’s just hard to beat inflatable donuts.

So how did a band of guys with the most uncomfortable-to-utter name in music manage to throw a serious gauntlet down in front of the rest of the fest participants?

After busting out blazing singles like “Separations” and “Babyhead,” they tossed a whole mess of Homer Simpson-esque inflatable donuts (read: pink and gnawed-on) into the crowd and urged the assemblage: “Let’s see some people crowd-surfing on donuts.”

The flower-crowned, tattoo’d, sunburned masses obliged, and soon the sea of flesh abutting the stage was transformed into a literal sea, replete with reclining fans floating by on a wave composed of hands and trust.

Just take a look at these snaps and try not to be jealous:

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