Five 'Awkward' Clues That Jatty Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Jenna has quite a history with Matty, but it looks like she's really-truly-finally over him.

Jatty have traveled a long and winding road together, but is one half of the on-again off-again PHHS pair finally ready to change lanes -- for good?

On Tuesday night's episode of "Awkward," Jenna made it crystal clear that she wouldn't leave her fro-yo triple date with Tamara and Luke to send Matty his college essay. Side note: J-Town actually sent it earlier in the evening, but Eva stirred up some drama and deleted the message. THE NERVE.

But this got us thinking that, after all these years, the famed blogger might finally be over her first love. Let's look at the clues:

1. She gave him space -- and plenty of it. After discovering he was adopted, Matty tried to numb himself with sex. A concerned Jenna pushed him to open up, but he resisted and then gave her an ultimatum: Either drop the subject, or stay away. She chose the latter.

2. She didn't bail him out of the clink. When Matty and Jake wound up in jail, Jenna didn't come a runnin'. In fact, she said it wasn't her "responsibility to be his savior anymore" and told Eva to contact his brother instead. In the end, though, it was Sadie who came to the guys' rescue.

3. She's got a new man. And that's a pretty big clue, right? Luke is in college and Jenna is in high school, but no matter: The duo seem smitten with each other. And when she's with the Southern Coast cutie pie, Matty is the last thing on her mind.

4. She's ignoring his texts. The old Jenna never would have neglected a message from Matty, but the new Jenna isn't afraid to use the "delete" button.

5. She gave him her blessing to date Eva. There's nothing that says "I'm not into you" quite like "Go find another girlfriend." And Matty gladly accepted Jenna's well wishes.

+ Do you agree that Jenna is totally over Matty? Weigh in, and be sure to catch the "Awkward" finale on Tuesday at 10/9c!