'Awkward.' Poll: Is Luke A Good Fit For Jenna?

He's in college. She's still in high school. Crazier things have happened...

College is, often times, the place where you find yourself, but for Jenna Hamilton, it was the place where she found someone else. On tonight's "Awkward" episode, the Palos Hills High School senior continued to see Luke, a Southern Coast University undergrad she'd met during a campus visit, and though he continued to prove he's boyfriend material, we're still wondering if the two are right for each other.

Sure, Luke is considerate and a great catch. He made the trip to watch Jenna direct the Mr. PHHS pageant, and when he saw that she was hurting after a particularly offensive comedy set by Matty McKibben, he bought her flowers just to cheer her up. And yes, the fact that he's a writer means he and Jenna will never run out of interesting conversation. But the idea that Jenna has a curfew to contend with, among other parental rules, is proof that she and Luke are still in completely different places. We definitely see roadblocks ahead.

Tell us what you think -- can Jenna and Luke put aside what divides them and make their budding romance work? Weigh in!

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