'Awkward.' Poll: Should Jenna Have Come To Jailbird Matty's Rescue?

Matty asked her to back off...so she did.

On "Awkward" Season 3, Matty McKibben might as well have donned a cape and tights, because he was Jenna Hamilton's unequivocal superman. When Palos Hills High School's most famous blogger wound up all alone after abandoning her friends and family for Collin, Matty refused to leave her in the dust, and helped her get back on solid ground. But, as of late the tables have turned, and Jenna hasn't been so inclined to return the favor.

On last week's episode, after getting caught drinking in public, Matty and Jake landed in the slammer, and even though Matty wasn't willing to call Jenna -- whose number he knew by heart, but whom he'd been giving the cold shoulder -- Eva reached out on his behalf. Still, she got nowhere fast. "Matty's self-destructive streak had hit an all-time high," Jenna thought as she mulled over Eva's request. "It wasn't my responsibility to be his savior anymore."

Jenna told Eva to contact Matty's brother, who'd know how to handle bailing Matty out, but it was ultimately the quick thinking of Sadie Saxton that finally set the guys free. (We love this girl more and more each week.)

Considering all that Matty did for Jenna, did she owe him some compassion? Or had Matty pushed her too far away to expect her concern? Take the poll!

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