This Ed Sheeran Puppet Vomits, Picks Up Strippers And Hangs With Pharrell: Watch

Ed turns into a very naughty puppet in new 'Sing' video.

Ed Sheeran promised his "Sing" video would be "really weird," and he seems to be a man of his word.

The U.K. singer dropped his much-anticipated video for the first single off his upcoming Multiply album on Thursday (May 22) via Facebook. In the clip, Ed takes along you on a wild ride that features a puppet, strippers, karaoke and a guest appearance from Pharrell.

Opening with the teaser clip that Ed dropped on Wednesday, we see a white truck driving erratically, but now we also get to see who's behind the wheel: a replica of Ed as a puppet -- complete with red hair and a black leather jacket.

From there, we follow the journey of puppet Ed's crazy night out on the town, which involves singing karaoke with Korean businessmen, picking up strippers in a super-stretch Hummer limo and showing off some pretty sweet puppet dance moves.

The video is intercut with shots of Ed and Pharrell singing the track against a psychedelic background. Soon puppet Ed turns up and kidnaps the duo, who join in on his nighttime adventure. Unfortunately, the puppet Ed's plans seem too much for Pharrell who bails on the trip. But Ed and his mini-me head back out to the karaoke bar -- with the strippers in tow -- to finish up a night they probably won't remember, but also never forget.

Check out the video now!