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Wiz Khalifa Met Nas, And The Face He Made Was Priceless

Wiz being Wiz.

It's been a roller coaster of a holiday weekend for Wiz Khalifa.

On early Sunday morning, the Pittsburgh native was arrested at the airport after authorities reportedly found a “green leafy substance.” (Sounds unlikely.)

It didn't seem all bad, though: the rapper tweeted and posted pictures of himself while he was behind bars. And once he was released, Wiz dropped his anticipated new mixtape, 28 Grams.

As if the day -- which also included a performance at Soundset Festival -- wasn't packed enough already, Young Khalifa also met Nas on Sunday. He posted a picture of the two on Twitter on Monday (May 26), taken at the Minnesota-based festival, where each took the stage this weekend.

Wiz was either surprised or just in classic Wiz form when the camera clicked. Regardless, the result was memorable.

Collaboration, anyone?