Wiz Khalifa Is Tweeting Selfies From Jail

He's been detained following a TSA check in Texas

Time to put on your detective hats, folks – this one's a doozy.

It seems Wiz Khalifa has landed himself in jail – at least, according to his Twitter feed. Early this morning, the rapper posted what may turn out to be the most bizarre selfie ever.

Either "Orange is the New Black" has been lying to us this whole time, or somehow Khalifa managed to smuggle his phone with him into the slammer.

And that wasn't the end of it. One minute after he posted the solemn pose, he tweeted a second time:

This, on the heels of yesterday's sampling from his long-awaited mixtape, makes the entire situation more peculiar.

And he wasn't done yet. Minutes later, he sent out a third tweet:

A rep for Khalifa did not immediately return MTV News' request for a comment.

In 2010, Wiz was arrested on drug charges in North Carolina, after which he also took to Twitter. And in 2012, the rapper was ticketed for marijuana possession in the same state.

But this latest incident marks the first time the rapper has directly documented his jail time with his smart phone – and to plug his new mixtape, no less – which leaves us scratching our heads. MTV News has reached out to Khalifa's publicist, manager and the police – we'll be following the story closely and updating as soon as more details emerge.

UPDATE: TMZ is now citing law enforcement sources who say the rapper was arrested at Texas airport after a "green leafy substance" was found during a TSA check. Fans are rallying behind the rapper via Twitter with the hashtag #freetrapwiz.