6 Reasons We Love Jennifer Lawrence For Flipping Off The Paparazzi

The actress adds 'murderous' to the list of looks she can effortlessly rock.

By Kat Rosenfield

The wonderfully sassy Jennifer Lawrence was caught over the weekend making a certain, um, gesture in the direction of the paparazzi — and we're not talking about that three-finger salute from "The Hunger Games."

Although Jennifer is often happy to pose for photos with fans, a pack of relentless photographers got on her last nerve this weekend in London, where the star was attempting to enjoy some quality time with boyfriend Nicholas Hoult.

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After being chased into a taxi by the camera-wielding crowd, she made a last-minute show of her displeasure by flipping photographers a serious bird out the back window. And how much do we love the resulting snapshot? Let us count the ways!

1. J-Law's look!

The sleek hair, the simple earrings, the eyeliner; even though we can only see her from the chin up, the actress looks typically flawless.

2. Also, J-Law's look.

She's famous for her funny faces, but this might just be the first time that Jennifer has been photographed looking legitimately murderous.

3. The part where cutie-pie boyfriend Nicholas Hoult is gently trying to discourage her.

He's reaching for her hand, and we can practically hear him saying, "C'mon, babe, they're not worth it. Now put down the finger, and let's go home and cuddle in our pajamas whilst eating Jammy Dodgers."

4. And the part where he's nevertheless totally getting a kick out of it.

You can just see the corner of a tweaky little smile on the Englishman's lips — because no matter who you are, you can't not find Jennifer's feistiness adorable.

5. The part where even the taxicab is trying to give J-Law a sense of perspective.

"Girl, don't let them get to you. I mean, it's like I always say: Love is all you need! Right? Eh? Eh?!"

6. And of course, the part where it turns out that Jennifer Lawrence is human after all.

While flipping the bird to a bunch of photogs isn't necessarily polite, it is, honestly, kind of a relief to see J-Law behave like a normal annoyed person instead of a preternaturally perfect and unflappable queen of cool.


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