4 Jobs For Jennifer Lawrence's New Bob

The actress's cute, choppy, chin-length 'do is ready for its closeup.

It was cute while it lasted, but Jennifer Lawrence's pixie cut is officially dunzo.

A photo of J-Law taken this week shows that the actress's hair has quietly completed its treacherous, squirrely, post-pixie grow-out and is now safe in the Land of Bob:

And while Jennifer didn't hang on to her super short crop long enough for it to make its way into a movie, this new cut — choppy and chin-skimming, with lots of layers — is so cute that it really deserves some screen time. We can even think of several roles it would be perfectly suited for!

A Roaring Twenties Period piece

She's done the Katniss braid, the big retro updo, and the delicate finger waves of Depression-era glamour, but a sleek bob a la "The Great Gatsby" is one look that J-Law has yet to rock. So before she grows it out, couldn't we please put her in a drop-waist dress and see her dance the Charleston?

A Zombie Thriller

Fact: this no-nonsense chop is the favored hairstyle of lady survivors in Zombieland, flattering and feminine yet difficult for the undead to tangle their nasty fingers in. (Just look how well it works on Maggie!) Plus, we already know that Jennifer rocks the survivalist movie genre, so.

Joan of Arc

How has nobody thought of this before? It's brilliant! It's necessary! Of course Jennifer Lawrence needs to play the martyred warrior maiden of 15th century France, and right now, her hair is perfect for it. Make this happen, Hollywood.

A Gender-Bending Remake of "No Country for Old Men"

Imagine how much crazier and more terrifying this movie would be if you were sexually attracted to Anton Chigurh. No, you imagine it.

Where do you want to see J-Law's new haircut appear next?

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