'True Blood,' 'Vampire Diaries' Stars Get A Supernatural Intervention

'Teen Wolf' star Tyler Hoechlin also joins 'After Hours' Actors Anonymous group, before MTV Movie Awards.

"Sometimes I look out the window, and I realize that it's not going to end well for me. I'm Joe Manganiello, and I'm obsessed with playing werewolves."

And thus starts our special MTV Movie Awards-edition "After Hours," starring some of our favorite stars from "True Blood," "The Vampire Diaries" and "Teen Wolf."

We always knew there was something a little funny about the actors who love playing supernatural beings over and over and over again, but we didn't realize how deep the addiction ran. Fortunately, MTV News' Josh Horowitz put together a very official (and certainly not made-up) support group called Actors Anonymous to help them get through these trying times in their lives.

For Manganiello, his obsession manifests in his "monster" coming out. And yes, he is referring to his penis. "The Vampire Diaries" star Candice Accola can "totally relate," as she recently went to an audition for a Zac Efron romantic comedy wearing some fangs and a cape.

But it's "True Blood" actress Kristin Bauer who has us the most worried. "Why can't I drink human blood?" she asked indignantly. "Who says that's so 'wrong'?"

"I love blood," Manganiello agreed.

"It's good with scotch," "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Hoechlin added.

We're pretty sure these stars should have a support group just for the belief that there's not "one thing wrong" with drinking blood. Unfortunately, we don't provide those services here at MTV, so we'll just have to let them run wild.

If you've noticed that many actors who play werewolves tend to get very, very hairy during filming, apparently it just comes with the territory. Hoechlin and Manganiello both admitted to having the same affliction. Maybe Brad Pitt has been preparing for a werewolf role for a while now?

The Movie Awards are going to be "After Hours" mania, so make sure you stay tuned to the "Punk'd" pre-show for some fun surprises. And, of course, tune in to the 2012 MTV Movie Awards at 9 p.m. ET for a whole lot of fun and excitement.

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