Kristin Cavallari: From 'Laguna Beach' To Motherhood

Former 'Hills' star is expecting her first baby with fiancé Jay Cutler.

Kristin Cavallari is ready to be a mom. The former "Hills" star has confirmed that she's expecting her first child with her fiancé, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

The blond bombshell has kept us interested from the moment she made her small-screen debut on "Laguna Beach" right through her stint on "The Hills," when she filled the void left vacant by onetime adversary Lauren Conrad.

"Honestly, I think it's fun to play the bad girl, and no one remembers the nice girl, you know?" Cavallari once told MTV News about her roles on some of MTV's most beloved reality shows. And, looking back on her time on those shows, it's not hard to see that she had a lot of fun stirring the pot.

When Cavallari launched her TV career in 2004 as one of the main ladies of "Laguna," she became an instant star, and fans were totally intrigued by her ongoing love triangle with Conrad and Stephen Colletti. In her two seasons on the show, she made a name for herself thanks to her outspoken, larger-than-life personality.

After she left the show in 2005, Cavallari's biggest fans had to wait a good four years before she made her return to MTV. She teased her arrival at Heidi and Spencer's wedding in 2009, just as LC was leaving the show, and from there, she quickly had everyone wondering what she had up her sleeve.

"I think my biggest thing was the first episode, where I really came in with a bang," Cavallari told MTV News, recalling her rooftop fight with Audrina Patridge over Justin Bobby during her "Hills" debut. "It was like, 'All right, clearly I'm back.' "

On top of her Justin Bobby drama with Audrina, Cavallari also teased the cameras about rekindling a romance with ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner — another man she had in common with Conrad. Regardless of all that drama, one hookup is still her most embarrassing.

"I think that's sort of my I-wish-I-didn't moment, was when I made out with Stacie in Vegas," Cavallari said of some girl-on-girl action that made family dinners a little uncomfortable. "That was one episode I had to call my dad and say, 'Dad, sorry — this is going to be your least favorite episode.' "

As "The Hills" wrapped up in July 2010, Cavallari reflected on the franchise and the series' mindboggling end, which may go down as her most memorable moment to date. The finale broke with convention when it dropped the "fourth wall" to show the entire crew on a studio lot as Cavallari pulled away from Brody to head off to Europe.

"I mean, I think we both couldn't have been happier with the ending. We were speechless," she recalled at the time. "I think it's sad to see something that was so great, to see it come to an end is always bittersweet. But I think they had a great run. They went on for so long, and I think it's nice they wrapped up everybody's story and it's a happy ending."

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