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    Welcome back to paradise, otherwise known as season two of Laguna Beach. Everyone's fave teen queens and kings return. This time Kristin's leading the pack and the drama....  Read Full Summary

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  1. Missed an episode? Need to find out what happened? Get the low down right here in this complete Laguna Beach Season 2 Episode Guide.

  2. Laguna Beach alumni Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari made their way to the Hollywood Hills. Catch all the latest drama here.

  3. Drama queens, and Don Juans...meet the cast who live to "hook up" and party by the beach.


  1. It's the end of the summer and the time has come for cast to leave beautiful Laguna Beach. Jason, Talan and Cedric have one last surfing session together at one of their favorite beaches....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Time is ticking, and the entire Laguna crew knows it. Summer is almost over, which means that everyone must part their separate ways, leaving their high school friends behind for new college adventures....  Read Full Summary »


  3. A land slide caused considerable damage to a number of homes in Stephen and Dieter's neighborhood. With everyone home for the summer, Trey and LC decide to organize a benefit to help the victims of the land slide....  Read Full Summary »


About Laguna Beach (Season 2)

  1. Everyone's favorite drama queens and Don Juans returned for season 2 of Laguna Beach. But this time Kristin led the pack, and there was more than enough drama to go around. Welcome back to paradise, otherwise known as Laguna Beach, California.

    As one of the wealthiest, most beautiful beachside communities in the world, Laguna Beach is filled with gorgeous teens leading glamorous lives. And, during season 2, MTV once again had unlimited access to the escapades of Laguna Beach's tight-knit power clique: season 1 alums Kristin, Lauren (aka LC), Stephen and Talan; and newbies Jessica, Jason, Alex M. and Taylor. But their lives weren't perfect, and money didn't buy everything. This was the real Orange County!

    From Valentine's Day to Winter Formal to the teary goodbyes, season 2's Laguna Beach bunch took us along for the ride of their lives and showed us the real-life drama that unfolded during their last year together. But it all started back in season 1, when the Kristin-Stephen-LC love triangle first heated up.

    At the time, Stephen was caught between two girls -- wild, fun-loving Kristin and down-to-earth LC, who harbored a lifelong crush on him. Stephen and Kristin were sort of going out, but whenever things got rocky between them he would run straight into LC's waiting arms.

    After season 1 of Laguna Beach ended, Stephen and LC moved to San Francisco to go to college while Kristin stayed behind to start her senior year in high school. While in San Francisco, it looked like Stephen and LC's on-again, off-again romance would finally have room to bloom. But everything changed when LC decided she didn't like San Francisco, and Kristin realized she wasn't interested in Stephen anymore.

    After a semester away, LC returned to Laguna Beach, and boy had things changed. Kristin was now the queen bee, and there was a whole new gang of Laguna Beachers to compete with. With Stephen off at college, Kristin was courted by a new crop of hot boys, and all she wanted to do was party and play the field. This was Kristin's year to rule the school, but she just couldn't seem to shake the drama.

    Although Kristin told Stephen she had moved on, he still wanted her back in his life. During Christmas break he came down from San Francisco to woo her, but when she rejected him he ran right back to LC, as usual. Then, when Valentine's rolled around, the love triangle was in full swing again as Stephen took Kristin out for a romantic dinner, where she told him she just wanted to be friends. Crushed, Stephen stopped by LC's house the next day with a late offering of flowers and chocolates.

    While Kristin was playing the field and keeping Stephen at arm's length, a new love triangle emerged. Jason, Laguna Beach's resident heartbreaker, was a notorious bad boy who constantly had a bevy of girls at his beck and call. First, Jason was dating Kristin's best friend, Jessica. But everyone knew he was cheating on her -- except Jessica, of course. When they finally called it quits, Jason moved on to Alex M. But that didn't last too long either, and he finally wound up hooking up with LC. The guy certainly got around!

    But Kristin tried not to let all drama get in the way of her enjoying her senior year. By the end of season 2, Kristin had had a few flings of her own, including one with Talan, and finally got Stephen to understand that she really just wanted to be friends.

    When season 2 was "dunzo" and Kristin and the rest of the Laguna Beach gang went their separate ways, we followed LC to The Hills of L.A. and a new group of Laguna Beachers reigned in season 3.

    The original Laguna Beach bunch may have hit the sand and surf for the last time in 2005, but that doesn't mean the drama has to end. You can always watch all the hook ups, backstabbing and wild parties on MTV.com.