• Alicia WrightChallenger
    Alicia Wright

    Not only is Alicia entering The Challengehouse as a rookie, but she is also coming in with a strong vendetta on her back. On Are You The One?, she pursued a relationship with Eddie -- even though he had just been matched with her best friend on the show, Kam. Needless to say, that move did not end well for Alicia, as both her friendship with Kam and her relationship with Eddie inevitably came to an end. Alicia is eager to overcome her fear that everyone now only sees her as a boyfriend-stealer and prove herself this season on The Challenge.

  • Brad FiorenzaChallenger
    Brad Fiorenza

    Brad has his eyes set on another Challengetitle after winning Cutthroat 11(!) seasons ago. Target #1: Tony, who he promised on Twitter to send home. But will Brad's inability to bite his tongue cost him his shot at half a million dollars? Or will his physical stature and experience instill fear in the eyes of his competitors?

  • Britni ThorntonChallenger
    Britni Thornton

    Ready to shed her reputation as a rookie, Britni blazes into this season firing on all cylinders. She's not afraid to flirt with her roommates, and she has her eye on one man (a hint: he's a vet). But after a poorly executed burn vote on Leroy in Dirty 30 (that led to his unexpected elimination), Britni inadvertently created a vendetta for herself that she’ll come face-to-face with this season. Can Leroy let bygones be bygones, or will Britni find herself with one of the largest targets on her back?

  • Cara Maria SorbelloChallenger
    Cara Maria Sorbello

    With 11 seasons on her resume, Cara Maria is an obvious threat. However, her admirable second place finish on Dirty 30 came at the cost of making a few vendettas along the way. After being blindsided by Kailah and blasted on social media by Marie, Cara must now hope that her strengths on the battlefield will keep her out of eliminations. Will CM be able to keep mum long enough to keep the target off of her? Or will she have to add to her already impressive elimination record and fight her way to another Challenge final?

  • Cory WhartonChallenger
    Cory Wharton

    The two-time finalist launched a questionable strategy that involved declaring a hit list against the vets at the beginning of Dirty 30. As a result, Cory created a vendetta with the most notorious vet in the house, Johnny Bananas. With the two both returning to face each other this season, who will fall first?

  • Devin WalkerChallenger
    Devin Walker

    The Rivals III third-place finisher has made a name for himself by being consistently witty and always keeping it real (with humor, of course). He’s out to get Bananas, but has Devin studied his enemy long enough to finally successfully get under the legend's skin and exploit the six-time champ's weaknesses? Or will Dev find himself packing his bags early once again?

  • Eddie WilliamsChallenger
    Eddie Williams

    After being a part of the first season of casties to unsuccessfully find their perfect matches on Season 5 of Are You The One?, Eddie is eager to get some money in his pocket. Having found himself caught in a love triangle with Kam and Alicia, he ended up burning both bridges and gaining two vendettas. Will Eddie be able to use his charm to woo the competition? Or will he have to race past the competition to get a fair shot at the money?

  • Jemmye CarrollChallenger
    Jemmye Carroll

    Jemmye has no Challenge wins under her belt, and this big personality is antsy to get her first title. On Dirty 30, she used her political savvy to make it close to the end of the game. But she definitely caused a lot of drama: She pitted best friends Jenna and Kailah against one another when she pulled the Double Cross, which would eventually come back to bite her. Has Jemmye learned from her villainous mistakes? Or will she continue on her reign of terror and get the coveted big W?

  • Johnny BananasChallenger
    Johnny Bananas

    The historic player continues to hold the record for most Challenge wins ever. But after a dirty move that involved taking his partner Sarah’s money during the finale of Rivals III, this MTV vet has consistently added to his list of vendettas -- which includes Cory, Devin and Nelson. Will he be able to reconcile his differences in order to pave a smooth road to another Challengefinal? Or will his past (and Jemmye's karma curse declaration) come back to haunt him?

  • Joss MooneyChallenger
    Joss Mooney

    Joss is a fitness instructor and model from the UK. Although he had a banging (heh) good time perusing the Ex on the Beachhouse, he's excited to show off his competitive side. Joining him in the house is his ex Kayleigh. Will she attempt to ruin his game and cost him half a million? Or will he be able to speed past the competition and claim a rookie victory?

  • Kailah CasillasChallenger
    Kailah Casillas

    Certainly no stranger to conflict, Kailah enters this season with perhaps more vendettas than anyone else. During her rookie season, she quickly drew the lines of alliances and became a target for most of the house. On Dirty 30, Kailah ignited her vendetta with Cara Maria by deceiving her into thinking they were in an alliance -- only to send the Battle of the Bloodlines champ directly into Redemption. Will all the bridges Kailah’s burned in her political game create vendettas too difficult to overcome? Or is this her moment to shine?

  • Kam WilliamsChallenger
    Kam Williams

    This outspoken Are You The One? alum enters her freshman year of The Challengeready to leave her mark and shake things up. After her BFF Alicia stole her PM Eddie right from under her nose, Kam swore she would get her revenge. Ready to prove herself, she plans to do whatever it takes in the game to eliminate her vendettas and rise to the top of the pack. Can Kam do what few rookies have done before her and bring home that cash prize to help mend her broken heart?

  • Kayleigh MorrisChallenger
    Kayleigh Morris

    Kayleigh may be new to the U.S. audience, but she’s a familiar face in the UK. Having appeared originally on multiple seasons of Ex on the Beach, Kayleigh also competed on Celebrity Big Brother. The Challenge house is home to two of Kayleigh’s vendettas: ex-boyfriend Joss Mooney and former best friend Melissa, whom she hasn’t spoken to in years. Will her domineering ways find her in deep trouble early on, or will she be able to make friends and prevail?

  • Kyle ChristieChallenger
    Kyle Christie

    This Geordie Shore export is prepared to dominate the competition -- while also getting with all the ladies in the abode. Kyle is no stranger to living in a mad house; however, his time at the Shore led him to a Twitter spat with fellow Brit, Rogan. Will Kyle be able to put the past behind him and focus on the task at hand? Or will his fascination with the ladies be his downfall?

  • Leroy GarrettChallenger
    Leroy Garrett

    Leroy is an undeniable fan favorite: He's always cracking jokes and is known to smile and ride coattails to the top. However, after being blindsided by Britni’s burn vote (and eventually Veronica’s nail in the coffin vote) on Dirty 30, the Battle of the Exes 2 silver medalist plans to redeem himself and watch those who burned him fall. Will he be able to smile and wisecrack his way to a first victory? Or will he find himself in familiar territory, just a few eliminations from another final?

  • Marie RodaChallenger
    Marie Roda

    Behind Marie’s girl-next-door charm is a devious and cunning competitor. Taking a page from Bananas, Marie is always ready to rile others up and spread rumors around the house. Will she use her smarts to politic her way to the end of the game, or will heavy-hitting vendettas eliminate her at their first chance?

  • Melissa ReevesChallenger
    Melissa Reeves

    0 Wins – Melissa, a former pageant queen, has a hard time keeping drama out of her life. Having appeared on multiple seasons of Ex on the Beach in the UK, she’s had her fair share of blow ups. Melissa arrives in the house with her friend-turned-bitter-enemy Kayleigh, a vendetta created by hooking up with her former friend’s only love interest on Ex on the Beach (oof!). Will she be able to use her DJ skills to pump The Challenge house up and stay alive? Or will her cheating and devious ways make her an instant target and early casualty?

  • Natalie NegrottiChallenger
    Natalie Negrotti

    Natalie fell short of winning her original season of Big Brother 18. With a background in event coordinating and as a former NFL cheerleader, she knows how to entertain and work her way to the top. One example: During her BB Head of Household week, Natalie got her vendetta Victor evicted, only for him to fight his way back into the game and evict her in return. Will she attempt to get him booted again as revenge? Or will she make amends with Vic and pave a path to the final?

  • Nelson ThomasChallenger
    Nelson Thomas

    Nelson is determined to prove that someone from his original MTV show (aka Are You the One?) is capable of winning The Challenge. On Invasion of the Champions, he made it to the Final and captured an impressive second place (only seconds behind CT). Like his pal Cory, Nelson is determined to knock out veterans like Bananas. Will he make history and finally prove Are You The One? folks can be champions? Or will the old guard come together to knock down this emerging threat?

  • Nicole RamosChallenger
    Nicole Ramos

    Don’t let her small stature fool you: Nicole R is just as feisty and headstrong as any other competitor. After narrowly losing a hard-fought battle to Aneesa on Dirty 30(remember when they had to eat cow’s eyes and chicken intestine smoothies?), she's back to prove why she competes. But her biggest weakness may be her big mouth: After gallivanting around the house telling people to vote out Kailah and Jenna, word got back to her targets. Can Nicole R finally grab hold of that victory she so desperately wants, or will her vendetta make waste of her this season?

  • Nicole ZanattaChallenger
    Nicole Zanatta

    The Real World: Skeletons vet may only be in her sophomore Challenge season, but she has already made it to a final and established herself as one of the strongest girls in the house. During her short Challenge career, however, she has already amassed a few vendettas -- namely former RW roomie Sylvia. But as far as Nicole’s concerned, a lost friendship won’t stop her from taking home her first championship.

  • Rogan O'ConnorChallenger
    Rogan O'Connor

    English export Rogan joins The Challenge after being stuck in a house with his exes on Ex On The Beach. The model is ready to shut the vets up and prove he’s the one they should be looking out for in the game. Rogan is used to getting his way with the ladies, but will his Twitter beef with fellow Brit Kyle prove to be his demise? Or will he muscle and smile his way to the end?

  • Shane LandrumChallenger
    Shane Landrum

    This Road Rules veteran has seen his fair share of competition, and he's not afraid to stir the pot. On Invasion of the Champions, Shane was quick to bounce between alliances, which generated a rift with Nicole. With two fiery tempers joining the house again, there’s no doubt it will be tough for Shane to watch his mouth. Will he be able to socialize his way to a lavish pot of money? Or will he find himself in familiar territory (aka the elimination round)?

  • Sylvia ElsrodeChallenger
    Sylvia Elsrode

    Sylvia recorded some wins during her inaugural Challenge stint but has yet to make it to a final. And her game might suffer because of her relationships with past Skeletons housemates Tony and Nicole Z. An Invasion of the Champions rewind: She gave into peer pressure and voted Tony into elimination (despite their pre-existing friendship). Can Sylvia mend the broken bonds with her old roommates, or will she need to look elsewhere for alliances to keep her safe in the game?

  • Tony RainesChallenger
    Tony Raines

    Tony has a tumultuous relationship with The Challenge. Having found himself in a number of precarious predicaments, including a physical altercation with his brother on Battle of the Bloodlines and a kiss that shook his game and personal life on Dirty 30, Tony is hoping to turn it all around…again. Fresh off an elimination right before the final, the father of two intends to change people’s minds and score his first check. Will there be a new Tony? Or will his Twitter drama with Brad boil over tear his game apart?

  • Veronica PortilloChallenger
    Veronica Portillo

    After years away from the series, the legendary Road Rules vet returned to Dirty 30 and reminded us all how she earned her reputation as one of the original “bad girls.” Proving she still has what it takes to manipulate the game, she exploited a poorly timed burn vote to throw Leroy into an elimination and immediately created a new vendetta to face this season. Will she use her devious political game to earn her fourth win, or will Leroy have the last laugh this time around?

  • Victor ArroyoChallenger
    Victor Arroyo

    Best known for scoring “America’s Favorite Player” during Big Brother 18, Victor is used to getting his hands dirty in order to win. Will his charm and strategic wits be enough for him to coast to a rookie Final? Or will his beef with his Vendetta, Natalie, reignite and find him an early exit with no chance at Redemption?

  • Zach NicholsChallenger
    Zach Nichols

    Unfiltered and unafraid, Zach is amped to get a chance at another Challengechampionship. He's known for dominating competitors but has had his fair share of blunders (including a devastating third place finish on Free Agents). The Battle of the Seasons winner is often found politicking with Bananas but always seems to be left at the starting line when plans change and deals are made. Will Zach be able to power through the competition? Or will he be left in the dust with no chance of making it to the top?