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MTV Cribs

Tired of living at home with Mom and Dad? Sick of staring at blank walls and hand-me-down furniture in your rundown apartment? Well, we've got just the solution for you -- 'MTV Cribs' is back! And it's still your one-stop shop for living vicariously through others! In fact, it's the only place where you can get a tour of your favorite celeb's pad and be jealous of everything they have!Yes, get ready for another sizzling season of boom-boom bedrooms, tricked out rides and refrigerator raids. Plasma TV screens? Check. Over-the-top bathrooms? Check. Huge hot tubs? Check. This season of 'Cribs' has it all, so you can spend your time daydreaming about how the other half lives.This season, no celebrity is safe from our prying eyes, as we'll be snooping on everyone from pro football player Roy Williams to recording artists Joss Stone and DJ Khaled! You'll get to learn everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite celebrities, and maybe a few things you wish you never knew.Ever wondered what's inside R&B singer Joe's crib? Well, he's got a super sexy bathroom, a private recording studio and a Ferrari that matches his sneakers! How about what's lurking inside producer Dallas Austin's home? His bedroom has a 360-degree view of his gorgeous neighborhood and he has a "mermaid" swimming in a tank behind his poolside bar! And what's hiding behind Kim Kardashian's walls? There's a stripper pole that she uses for exercise (yeah, right!) and a customized pink Range Rover!But that's not all we have in store for you on this season of 'Cribs'! You'll also get to check out Lumidee's crazy lip gloss collection, Don Omar's personal barbershop and boxer Floyd Mayweather's closet, which has aisles like a supermarket. And, possibly falling into the too-much-information department, Willa Ford shows off her color-coordinated bra collection, Yellowcard's Ryan Key delves into his Marilyn Monroe obsession and Bow Wow shows off his shower built for seven -- ladies, prepare to line up!Yes indeed, 'Cribs' lets you get an up close and personal look inside the private lives of your favorite celebrities -- and they won't even call the cops! Nope, because you've got an all-access pass inside their homes, just like you always dreamed about! Now if only that crusty old couch in your living room would take the hint and transform itself into a tricked out media room lounge chair. Then life would truly be perfect, now wouldn't it?