• Adam and BrittanyCast Member
    Adam and Brittany

    On their season of Are You The One, Brittany couldn’t keep her hands off Adam’s rippling abs, but he used his bulging biceps to push her away. After a few steamy romps in the Boom-Boom Room, Brittany was convinced that Adam was her perfect match. However, Adam, a self-proclaimed “lion that can’t be tamed,” fought vigorously to sidestep her aggressive advances. Adam explains, “It took me an entire season of Are You the One to get her away from me. I literally had to yell at her to explain that I don't like her.” When confronted with commitment, Adam is quick to lash out at Brittany and label her as obsessively clingy. Brittany protests, “He thought I was getting really clingy, which wasn't true. I just was being very loyal to him.” On this season of Battle of the Exes II, the question isn’t if Adam has enough muscles to perform, but whether or not Brittany can keep her hands off of him long enough for either of them to compete. Follow Adam: @IamAdamKuhn Follow Brittany: @brittany_baldi

  • Dustin and JessicaCast Member
    Dustin and Jessica

    When Dustin arrived on Free Agents newly single, it didn’t take long for his swag to win over Jessica’s Southern charm. However, lack of a political game sent Dustin packing early, and the budding romance was cut short. After their season, Jessica tried to pursue Dustin, but was dismayed to discover that Dustin had already moved on. Jessica explains, “I made plans to see Dustin, but found out he ended up having a girlfriend and he didn’t have the balls to tell me!” Dustin explains, “I didn't pursue a relationship with her like she thought we would and now my balls are in her hands.” Will Dustin and Jessica be able to recapture their once fun and flirty relationship to seize the win? Or will Jessica’s broken heart cause her to sabotage their chance of winning like Dustin sabotaged their chance at love? Follow Dustin: @DustinZito Follow Jessica: @MTVJess

  • Jay and JennaCast Member
    Jay and Jenna

    These rookies are fresh off their rocky season of Real World: Explosion, where Jay was exposed as a cheater. Jay has spent months pining over the hot model he once had. Jay claims, “I don’t think anything will happen, but those feelings are still there.” Now that it’s Exes 2, Jenna may just flip the script on Jay and teach him a lesson. Jenna and her bodacious body end up in the arms of one of the most powerful vets in the game. However, Jay, being the player that he is, will refuse to stand by and idly watch his girl-that-got-away have all the fun. Using his swag, he’ll pursue some hook ups of his own! Can this rookie team come to terms with their past relationship and learn to work together? Or will jealousy send them packing? Follow Jay: @JayGMTV Follow Jenna: @JennaCompono

  • John "JJ" and SimoneCast Member
    John "JJ" and Simone

    No one would have guessed that spunky diva, Simone, would fall for scrawny, wisecracking comedian, John. Their unexpected hookup on Are You The One proved that opposites can attract… until they explode into tears. Simone is a brassy, ball of sass that loves fanning the flames of any argument she can find. After their quick tryst fizzed, John quickly realized, “Oh, you're more of a selfish, egotistical, prideful person who just wants attention for attention's sake and I am not like that.” When John tried to break things off, drinks were thrown, windows were shattered, and the decibels skyrocketed. Simone warns, “I don't play low-key and I don't play safe. If you don't like me, then so be it.” Will John’s comedic wit be enough to balance Simone’s loud and proud attitude in the house? Or will his jokes fall flat…along with their chances of winning? Follow John: @MaybachDiamonds Follow Simone: @SimoneJKelly

  • Johnny "Bananas" and NanyCast Member
    Johnny "Bananas" and Nany

    Rumored to have hooked up outside of The Challenge, these undercover lovers managed to keep their rendezvous a secret - or so they thought. After a quick fling, the romance fizzled and this turbulent duo went their separate ways. Fresh off his win on Free Agents, Bananas vows to keep focus on the game, “We’re just better as friends. I’ve dabbled in this spicy Latina dish once or twice and I realized it’s too hot for me.” Until now, these two have done a good job dancing around the past and keeping their distance. Nany reveals, “Bananas and I usually tried to stay as far away from each other as possible on past Challenges, so the fact that now we are glued together, I don’t know how this is going to work out.” However, when one of these vets has a change of heart and old feelings surface, the strength of their team will be put to the test. Will this power pair put their appetite to win above the desire of a lonely heart? Or will unrequited love derail their game? Follow Johnny: @MTVBananas Follow Nany: @NanyMTV

  • Johnny and AvereyCast Member
    Johnny and Averey

    After falling in love on their season of The Real World: Portland, Averey moved across the country to be with her Boston boy, Johnny. However, when rumors emerged that Averey was cheating, their once red-hot romance burned quickly to the ground. Even though Averey denied any wrongdoing, Johnny ended the relationship two days before leaving to compete on last season’s Free Agents. Johnny charges, “As far as I’m concerned, Averey cheated on me.” The tables turned when Free Agents aired, and Averey discovered that Johnny hooked up with the sexy veteran, Nany. Averey explains, “He has not even said sorry or admitted it to me. That’s what hurts me. After everything that we’ve been through, you can’t even respect me as a person?!” Will Johnny give Averey the closure she needs to trust him? Or will the cracks in their already fragile relationship shatter any chance they have at making it to the Final? Follow Johnny: @JohnnyReilly_ Follow Averey: @ave_tress

  • Jordan and SarahCast Member
    Jordan and Sarah

    Jordan and Sarah may be an adrenaline-junkie Challenge pair made in heaven. This duo had instant chemistry on Rivals II, resulting in the steamiest closet make-out session ever. However, their passionate tryst was cut short when Sarah’s Challenge ‘curse’ reared its ugly head and she was sent home after her partner quit. Now, Sarah’s famously optimistic attitude will be put to the test when she must deal with Jordan and his notorious ego. Sarah reveals, “Although Jordan has a reputation for getting under people’s skin, if he just sits back and lets me run things, then we will have a smooth ride to the finish line.” Jordan admits, “I’d probably say I was pretty cocky. I’m really competitive and just have a drive to always want to do well and perform.” Will Jordan check his ego at the door and hand over the reigns to the Queen of Enthusiasm? Or will these daredevils crash and burn? Follow Jordan: @JordanW_usa Follow Sarah: @SarahRiceMTV

  • Knight and JemmyeCast Member
    Knight and Jemmye

    Rowdy Challenge vets Knight and Jemmye are better known for their party-hard antics than their athletic acumen. However, on this season on Battle of the Exes II, these unpredictable underdogs will have to find a way to work together if they hope to stay in the game. Jemmye is determined to take home a win, but stresses, “I have no game plan for working with Knight. We can't even get along as friends. I don't know what to expect from us as partners.” Knight seems more interested in pushing Jemmye’s buttons than winning the prize money, “I know how to get under her skin very well. Sometimes I go a little too far with it, but that's who I am at times, a habitual line crosser.” Will this dysfunctional duo be able to overcome their mutual contempt and make it to the Finals? Or will their sharp-tongued bickering send them spiraling into their old pitfalls? Follow Jemmye: @JustJem24

  • Leroy and NiaCast Member
    Leroy and Nia

    Nia and Leroy tried to keep their secret hookup under wraps, but were caught suspiciously exiting a bathroom together on Free Agents. Leroy explains, “She’s in denial of washing her hands and I am too.” This season, cool and collected Leroy will be forced to weather a storm that hasn’t been spotted since Real World: Portland -- Hurricane Nia! Leroy quickly realizes, “She’s like a ticking time bomb that could go off!” As Nia struggles with her political game, her opponents take advantage and make moves against her. Nia vents, “I don’t have a temper, I’m just not a punk. I’m a force to be reckoned with.” Can Leroy calm Nia’s explosive temper? Or will Hurricane Nia make landfall in Panama? Follow Leroy: @LeroyMTV Follow Nia: @therealniamoore

  • TJ LavinHost
    TJ Lavin

    When you think of TJ Lavin, think incredible talent. Growing up in Las Vegas, TJ was drawn to BMX racing as a young child, and showed potential as a top contender almost immediately. He soon discovered dirt jumping and before long found almost unparalleled success, having been crowned the "King of Dirt" in 1995. In the X Games he has medaled several times over, taking the bronze three times, the silver once, and the gold twice, his most recent medal being in 2004. He has also been a DK Dirt Circuit Champ, a champion in the Gravity Games, and a CFB Champion.

    Outside of his successes on the track, TJ has also developed a plethora of talents off the track. He has appeared on Cribs, hosted The Gauntlet 2 and stared in a documentary film, White Knuckle Extreme. He was also featured in his own video game, MTV Sports: TJ Lavin's Ultimate BMX.

    Lavin is also a music producer. He has a studio in his home, and has worked with several young talents who are on the rise in the music industry, as well as producing his own tracks. He has shown a real gift for music, having taught himself to play the piano purely by ear. TJ Lavin is truly a young man on the make, poised to launch him self to even greater heights in the very near future.

  • Thomas and HaileyCast Member
    Thomas and Hailey

    Thomas got the shock of his life when his old high-school sweetheart, Hailey, showed up to rock his world on Real World: Explosion. Hailey’s unexpected arrival derailed Thomas’ romantic ambitions, leaving him fuming. After several aggressive attempts to get Hailey out of the house, Thomas and Hailey’s volatile emotions eventually erupted, leaving their relationship badly bruised. Thomas reveals, “We ended up going our separate ways because our relationship was toxic.” With an uphill battle ahead, Hailey worries, “He doesn't know how to forgive and move past things that happened in the past. I wasn't the best girlfriend to him and he's still a little salty about that.” Coming into Battle of the Exes II, will these two be able to patch up their ravaged relationship? Or will the weight of their emotional baggage cause them to crash and burn? Follow Thomas: @ThomasBuellMTV Follow Hailey: @HaileyChivers

  • Wes and TheresaCast Member
    Wes and Theresa

    Political mastermind Wes met a young and naïve Theresa on Fresh Meat II, where they had a hot make-out session on the pool table. However, their relationship took a turn when Wes failed to pursue Theresa once their show ended. Wes claims, “She got hurt by the fact that I didn’t want to be in any sort of relationship after we had a crush on each other.” On Rivals II, a jealous Wes took note of Theresa’s hookup with Leroy, driving a wedge between these formidable veterans. After losing in the final elimination round on Free Agents, Theresa worries that her animosity towards Wes might stand in her way, “Wes and I do not get along whatsoever. We actually despise one another.” Will Wes and Theresa finally be able to bury the hatchet and work together to make it to the Final? Or will their lover’s quarrel cost them their chance for a win? Follow Wes: @westonbergmann

  • Zach and JonnaCast Member
    Zach and Jonna

    Zach fell hard and fast for Jonna’s baby blues on Battle of the Seasons. The two continued their romance after the show, when Zach relocated to Los Angeles to be with Jonna. However, Zach quickly realized it wasn’t a good match and abandoned Jonna without looking back. For years, Jonna and Zach tiptoed around a tattered past without ever speaking a word. Zach explains, “I’ve wanted nothing to do with her since we broke up. She’s got some animosity towards me, so we’ve got to settle that right away if we plan on doing anything in this Challenge.” A wistful Jonna seeks closure from Zach for her broken heart and Jonna admits, “Because of how our relationship ended, I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to trust Zach this time around. And trust is one of the most important things for partners in this game.” Will Zach and Jonna finally break the ice and slide into a Final? Or will old wounds send them into dark, tumultuous waters? Follow Zach: @ZachMTV Follow Jonna: @jonnamtv