• Billy Sr.Cast Member
    Billy Sr.

    Billy Sr. comes from a family whose name is synonymous with pouring up a good time. His great-grandfather, Adolphus Busch, started one of America's most iconic beer companies, making his family the closest thing to American royalty. Billy Sr. wants to open up a new brewery to continue the Busch family legacy, but at his core, he's the goofy dad who loves to embarrass his wife and kids.

  • ChristiCast Member

    Christi is the center of the Busch family, and her No. 1 goal is to keep her kids close. As the quintessential helicopter mom, Christi admittedly struggles with loosening the reins on her children, from 14-year-old Peter to 28-year-old Billy Jr. She and Billy Sr. are breaking ground on a new brewery on their property, designed to keep the kids invested in the family business (and keep them at home).

  • Billy Jr.Cast Member
    Billy Jr.

    As the oldest of seven, Billy feels he's responsible for keeping the Busch legacy alive for the next generation. However, he finds himself at odds with his family over his girlfriend, Marissa, and whether or not she has the right "motives." He's ready to grow up and make some big decisions -- of course, that's only if Christi lets him!

  • HaleyCast Member

    Haley is a sweetheart and a romantic. She's an actress who has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Clark, for eight years and has moved back from L.A. to St. Louis to be closer to him. She's always put Clark first, but now she feels torn between waiting on Clark to propose and pursuing an acting career in Hollywood. Haley will have to decide between love and her dreams.

  • AbbeyCast Member

    Abbey is the ultimate wild child. Unlike the rest of the family, Abbey hates St. Louis and has found her forever home in Florida with her serious boyfriend, Matt. Abbey tries to avoid coming back to St. Louis, unless it's for a big family event -- or if Christi uses a major guilt trip to get her back home.

  • GussieCast Member

    Ladies' man Gussie is all about having fun, playing polo, and enjoying the family farm. But when he starts sneaking around and dating one of his sister Grace's friends, he finds himself in a serious relationship -- and in serious trouble with his family.

  • GraceCast Member

    Blunt and blonde, Grace is an equestrian jumper who isn't afraid to tell it like it is. When her older brother Gussie starts sneaking around with one of her friends, Grace is more than ready to let him know he's crossed the line.

  • MaddieCast Member

    Wise beyond her years, Maddie may be the youngest Busch girl, but she's far from naïve. She's always ready to drop more wisdom than her family is ready for.

  • PeterCast Member

    Prankster Peter is the spoiled baby of the family. He gets away with murder, especially with Christi! Will the older siblings be able to help Peter grow up?

  • JakeCast Member

    Jake met Billy Jr. in college, and by the way Jake acts, he might as well still be there. The Busches want to help him out, but will a makeover and some tough love help this party animal settle down and find a girlfriend?

  • MarissaCast Member

    Marissa and Billy Jr. have been dating for a year. The only problem is that Marissa lives in Dallas. Oh, and the rest of the Busches think she's only in it for the money. Marissa is ready to take the next step with Billy by moving in together, but will she be able to win over his family?

  • ClarkCast Member

    Clark is Haley's long-term boyfriend who loves St. Louis and has no plans to leave. He is stubbornly set in his ways, and the family questions if Clark's ever going to change enough to take the next step and pop the question to Haley.