• ChanelCast Member

    Since her debut on Season 1 of Fantasy Factory Chanel West Coast has gone from your everyday skater girl working a 9-5 to becoming a super star on the rise! Since the age of 15 Chanel spent years of working odd jobs and struggling to make a career out of music & acting. What began as a dream is now quickly becoming reality. In 2008 she was introduced to Rob Dyrdek through mutual friends and Rob soon after asked her to join the Dyrdek enterprises family. Following her successful run on Fantasy Factory, Chanel joined Rob on the cast of the most recent MTV hit show Ridiculousness, and she is also the voice of the character "Flipz" on Rob Dyrdeks new animated series 'Wild Grinders' premiering on Nickelodeon TV in April. In addition to her TV career, Chanel's fierce skills on the mic, dynamic performance ability, and infectious personality is now turning heads from the biggest music execs, industry peers, and fans from around the world. She has spent much of the past year recording her debut album which features tracks from some of the music industry's top producers including collaborations with various multiplatinum artists. When not in the studio or filming at the Factory, Chanel is busy performing her music at clubs around the country.

  • Chris "Big Black" BoykinCast Member
    Chris "Big Black" Boykin

    His birth certificate may read Christopher Boykin, but he's known across the globe as BIG BLACK. BIG BLACK represents by DOING WORK at everything in life. BIG BLACK has been all over the world, enjoyed success on MTV's Rob and Big and now is back for MTV's Fantasy Factory.BIG BLACK has developed a successful clothing line. The "BB" is recognized world wide as Big Black's logo. Big Black is loved by many for his laid back personality and his great sense of humor.BIG BLACK'S TRADEMARKED phrase "DO WORK" has created a legion of fans who live that phrase to the fullest.Look forward to some crazy adventures and loads of laugh on MTV's Fantasy Factory now that BIG BLACK is back!DO WORK!!!BIG BLACK represents the true American Dream!

  • Chris "Drama" PfaffCast Member
    Chris "Drama" Pfaff

    Hailing from Akron, Ohio, Chris "Drama" Pfaff is Rob Dyrdek's cousin and has served considerable time as the professional skateboarder's personal assistant. As seen on the hit MTV series Rob and Big, Drama was the lovable resident punching bag at Dyrdek's Hollywood home (aka:"Three Layers of Heaven"). After being memorably "put on waivers" by Rob for failing to do his job well, Drama did a quick stint as a cashier at Hamburger Central. That job came to a quick end when Drama bolted out the drive-through window.But in The Fantasy Factory, things are about to change for Drama -- or are they?An aspiring music producer, Drama runs his own music production company called "Causin' Drama Productions" On Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, we've seen Drama create his own unique music studio, and work to emerge from his "white-tee shirt" shell that Rob accuses him of. He also started his own clothing line called "Young & Reckless" which is now in about 4,000 stores nationwide and has been seen being worn by anyone from Justin Bieber and Zack Efron to Kevin Durant and 50 cent. He's a skater, a beat maker, and a young entrepreneur in the making.

  • Rob DyrdekCast Member
    Rob Dyrdek

    Plain and simple, there is nothing conventional about Rob Dyrdek. He's a dreamer who isnít scared to take risks. He's got the gift of gab and a dangerous knack for persuasion.MTV viewers might know Dyrdek from his starring role in the reality series Rob and Big -- you know, the adoptive parent of Mini-Horse, the man who performs as alter-ego "Bobby Light" or the guy who tried to teach bulldog Meaty to skateboard. Yeah, Rob Dyrdek is that guy, but he's also a professional skateboarder who simply refuses to stop chasing glory and an entrepreneur with quite a knack for business.In his hometown of Kettering, Ohio, at the tender age of 12, Rob picked up a skateboard for the first time. Within a month, he won his first competition and became the youngest member of the G&S skateboard team.Forgoing his senior year of high school, Dyrdek turned professional at the age of 16 while simultaneously becoming one of the founding members of the legendary Ohio-based Alien Workshop team. A regular contender in skateboarding competitions and a staple of street skateboarding videos (he's also a co-founder of famed DC Video), Rob's legend grew fast.As an entrepreneur, he has contributed game changing shoe design concepts, developed private training facilities for pro boarders and launched companies that include Siler Trucks, Reflex Bearings and Rogue Status, a street wear line that he owns with former blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. He also has his own sunglasses company (Battle Eyewear), founded the Street League skateboarding league, developed the Wild Grinders cartoon and toy line (based on his childhood skate crew) and formed a charitable foundation to build skate plazas around the country so kids have a safe place to skate.While conceptualizing and building the 40,000 square-foot, award-winning Kettering Skate Plaza, as a legal place for street skaters to hone their skills, Rob Dyrdek wrote, financed, produced and starred in the feature film Street Dreams, due in May 2009. And, as you know, he starred opposite his friend and personal bodyguard Chris "Big Black" Boykin in three seasons of the hit MTV series Rob and Big.Not one to slow down, Rob continues to think big. With a goal to "mogul up," he's moved Dyrdek Enterprises into a 25,000-square-foot industrial -- and fully skate-able -- warehouse and office complex near downtown Los Angeles. That's where we'll see him in Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, a place to dream up ideas and bring them to life.So, despite his success, Rob Dyrdek won't be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, he's just getting started.

  • Scott "Big Cat" PfaffCast Member
    Scott "Big Cat" Pfaff

    Not only is he known as the shy and awkward one of the bunch, Scott 'Big Cat' Pfaff is also cousin to Rob Dyrdek and brother to Drama. Rob and Drama are not the only ones making moves in the factory. After recovering from a broken neck on the first season of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, Big Cat has now upgraded to a new cage and flashy cat car.Dubbed the official Facilitator for Dyrdek Enterprises by Joel Bauer, Big Cat handles pretty much anything that Rob throws him. In addition to his factory duties, Big Cat has also taken on various roles within the Street League Skateboarding contest series and is in the process of building his own Skateboarding Consultation Firm for major media outlets.

  • Sterling "Steelo" BrimCast Member
    Sterling "Steelo" Brim

    Growing up in the tough Westside streets of Chicago, Sterling "Steelo" Brim never thought television was in his future. At the age of 19, he decided to explore his musical talents, and moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a career in the music industry. After years of working in radio and A&R, Steelo met Rob Dyrdek, who immediately recognized his ability to make everyone around him laugh. A few months later, Steelo was presented with a co-host position on the first season of Ridiculousness, and immediately jumped at the opportunity. Since then, Brim has applied his comedic abilities, and now holds the title as Creative Producer for the MTV hit series. In addition to "Ridiculousness," Steelo is currently developing a sketch comedy show, and can also be seen on Season 5 of "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory," premiering on Monday March 19th at 10pm.In his down time, Steelo (@SteeloBrim) is an avid tweeter with hopes of becoming the most Blunt and "Reckless" person on Twitter. He looks to continue to work in comedy, music, television, film and voice-overs in the years to come.

  • Tracy TuberaCast Member
    Tracy Tubera

    Ever wonder who that guy was that got kicked in the face by Rob's shoe in Season 1's episode 'Butter Feet? Wonder no more! It was Tracy Tubera, the Artist behind Wild Grinders & the resident Graphic Designer for Dyrdek Enterprises INC. Tracy is your typical Illustrator/ Toy Designer/ Graphic Designer. He likes to draw, play with toys, & watch cartoons. Now he gets to do all that, in the Factory. When Rob needed an artist to help him create Wild Grinders he hired artist after artist, but none of them could fully create his vision. Rob was a fan of another toy line, so he decided to seek out the artist behind that brand, and that's how he found Tracy. Imagine Tracy's surprise when the morning after watching the Rob & Big Season 3 finale, his phone rings and it is Rob offering him a job! As Rob would say, it was destiny.Ever since that day Tracy & Rob have been working hard on creating a unique, fun, & humorous kids brand based on skateboarding culture. With a successful toy line in stores & an animated series about to hit the air waves Tracy is definitely making moves. If he isn't making toys or working on the cartoon, Tracy is helping out Drama with Y&R logos or creating graphics for the Factory. Tracy is also an accomplished Illustrator who's personal art is on the rise.