YouTube/ Yungblud

Yungblud Is The Happiest Sandwich Maker Ever In 'Weird!'

His smile is everything

Yungblud's joyous bouncing in "Weird!" will make you laugh and get on top of your own bed to match the intensity in which he celebrates the gift of life. In the visual for the song that he shared last week, he has some fun with friends while the shining sun smiles in the sky.

The video begins with an interesting question posed to Yungblud while he's pretty much minding his business. "If you knew the world was going to end tomorrow, and today was the last day, what would be the last story you tell?," someone asks. After repeating some of the question back, Yungblud answers it through song and dance instead of a sentence.

With the help of a shining solar orb, Yungblud bathes his house in UV rays of happiness. He glides around his roof with his guitar, grins widely as he climbs up and down ladders, and screams while he bounces on his bed. His infectious glee coincides with the song's message of conquering anxiety and welcoming happiness into your life. Even the art of sandwich-making is turned into a joyous routine thanks to Yungblud's jittery leg movements.

Yungblud recently revealed that "Weird!" is the start of a "new fookin era." In an interview with NME, he detailed the difference between his next project and his 2018 debut LP, 21st Century Liability. "I’m not angry anymore," he said. "The first album was so angry and leading into the EP [The Underrated Youth] I got hopeful, and now I feel optimistic.”

Check out Yungblud's happy movements in the "Weird!" video up above.