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Yungblud Channels Positivity In These 'Weird!' Times With New Music Video

It's about conquering anxiety and being as optimistic as you can be

Yungblud has released his previously teased song, "Weird!," and it's like it's made for now, when the very fabric of reality feels flimsy. This shining anthem for conquering anxiety is a personal screed, but its broad strokes can be applied to anyone dealing with constant fear and uncertainty.

The metallic happiness of "Weird!" is something you need to hear for yourself. It's as sharp and saccharine as the theme  song from My Life As A Teenage Robot, but once the guitars kick in, this could be the soundtrack to a romantic montage on American Pie. Yungblud moonwalks on this glitzy landscape and explains feelings that many are also experiencing right now. "I feel anxious all the time/ If I smiled, I would be lying," he sings.

On the chorus though, this miserable mimosa gets tossed in the sink when Yungblud lets the listener know that they'll feel better in the future. "We're in a weird time of life/ Don't wreck your brain/ It'll be alright," he assures, giving you the thumbs up. Its warm stuff and you'll feel better about whatever's bothering you by the time that he pushes onward.

Yungblud isn't just giving out advice — he's been dealing with some serious stuff too. "Some days I'll laugh, one day I'll cry/ See my mum and father die/ But the sun will shine tomorrow," he assures, keeping his head up. He wishes for everyone to have this optimism that he has at this moment and to push forward proudly.

In a recent interview with NME, Yungblud revealed that "Weird!" was written last year and was inspired by his rise to fame. "The past 18 months were so weird for me,” he said. “I nearly lost my mum in a car accident. I was in a relationship and got my heart broken. We blew up and got famous really quickly. I started from depression and thought about suicide again.”

"It felt like I was walking down the pavement but I felt like I was going to fall down the cracks," he continued. "It’s just been a dark twisted, mental time. I thought that it was going to swallow me whole and I’d never be seen again – but I came out the other side of it.”

"Weird!" is the start of a "new fookin era," according to a tweet from Yungblud that came with the song's release. The artist revealed to NME that his next album, whenever it comes, will sound worlds different than his 2018 debut LP, 21st Century Liability. "“I’m not angry anymore," he said. "The first album was so angry and leading into the EP [The Underrated Youth] I got hopeful, and now I feel optimistic.”

Take a listen to Yungblud's calming new song, "Weird!" up above.