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Charli XCX Has A Crush On Optimus Prime In Transformative Song 'Claws'

Here's some calculator-making music from her forthcoming album 'How I'm Feeling Now'

Transform into a lovestruck robot with Charli XCX on her new single, "Claws," that's from her forthcoming quarantine album, How I'm Feeling Now. On her latest, the singer is in need of a software upgrade as she malfunctions while mechanically declaring her infatuation with someone (for my money, it has to be Optimus Prime). It doesn't get more charming than this schoolgirl crush.

In a dystopian, Westworld-like future where robots get elected into office, Charli is a teenage android who lays in her bed sighing dreamily while staring at a hologram of someone that she has a major crush on. This song soundtracks the evolution of cybernetic love through a futuristic palette of harsh sounds and feathery, sweet vocals.

Charli's vocals are distinctly human as the war of the machines rages on in the background of "Claws." "Like your mind, like your smile/ Like your eyes, I could die," she sings happily as the moving image of her crush twirls around on the holographic device in her metal hand. "Singing songs by Jeremih/ Party time, hop inside," she continues, daydreaming of linking up together for a night of fun.

Looking to gain some confidence, Charli stammers as she practices telling her crush how she feels through the course of the chorus. "I like-I like-I like-I like-I like everything about you," she repeats four times, slowly growing more assured with each repetition.

During the second verse, after realizing that she can finally talk to her crush, Charli digs into NSFW territory as she begins to imagine a passionate encounter that starts with her crush's casual observation. "I'm not shy, make you sigh/ Slip and slide up my thighs," she sings with two teeth in her bottom lip. The song ends with Charli reiterating that she likes everything about her crush over and over. With her confidence finally in place, she's off to go get their number and make her dream a reality.

How I'm Feeling Now is set to come out on May 15. It'll also feature "Forever" which Charli dropped earlier this month. She recently shared its video that is comprised of footage that fans sent to her.

Last month, Charli detailed How I'm Feeling Now in a "self quarantine diary" entry that she shared with fans. "What can I tell you about this album.... well, there are less collaborations, Chris and I have been talking about reuniting (alongside someone else), it has felt very quick to make, AG [Cook] is involved, I want it to be quite short in comparison to CHARLI, there are a lot of songs about sex and physicality," she wrote. "There is a song about the world ending."

Listen to Charli's new single, "Claws," up above.