YouTube/Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Protests Toxic Masculinity In ‘The Man’

She becomes one of the guys

Taylor Swift becomes the world's most annoying dude ever in "The Man," the latest video from Lover that follows what it's like to annoy everyone around you while being oblivious to the fact that it's happening.

The clip, which Swift directed, attacks the idea of toxic masculinity at every turn. She manspreads on a crowded subway, smokes on said subway, and even demands credit for being a good dad while also doing the least. And she does it not just from the director's seat, but also under a ton of makeup that transforms her into a bearded man herself.

It's not revealed until the end of the video that Swift is actually the guy that it follows around, caked under makeup and prosthetics to become an unlikeable, bearded bully. Before that Swift connection, the guy is completely unbearable — maybe it's the pencil-thin beard or the smug smirk. He's revealed to be a business top dog at the beginning, strolling through his office and yelling at employees while crumpling paper and tossing it in the air. Winking at the camera, he's the ultimate badass. Everyone wants to be like him.

Outside of the office, though, he's even more unbearable. He pees glittering urine on subway walls and treats women like objects on an expensive yacht. Walking through a hallway of different hands, he's high-fiving all of the bros around the world who think that his lifestyle is the stuff of dreams. He marries a woman who's much younger than him and smashes cake against her face, annoying her and making her second guess this new marriage.

At the end of the video, it is revealed that the director is Swift and this unbearable guy, with Dwayne Johnson's booming voice in a surprise voiceover, asks her how this take was. Swift wants him to be "sexier, and a little more likable this time," for the next one. The clip ends with a documentation of the process to transform Swift into The Man.

Swift dropped Lover last August. In January, she released the Miss Americana documentary on Netflix and it featured a new song, "Only the Young."

Check out Swift's testosterone-filled video for "The Man" up above.