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George Lucas Gently Cradling Baby Yoda Is The Type Of Wholesome Content 2020 Needs

Now we know who the father is

The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau broke the internet when he shared a sweet snap of Star Wars creator George Lucas and his newborn son.

Just kidding. It's just a photo of George Lucas holding the Baby Yoda puppet and looking positively paternal. Have you ever seen such a sweet family portrait?

Lucas may no longer be the main man in charge when it comes to Star Wars, but he'll obviously always have a soft spot for his life's work. But there's something about seeing him come face-to-face with this tiny green child that feels like coming full circle. Seeing the father of Star Wars take a fatherly role with the infant the entire world has fallen in love with just stirs something in you. It feels right.

And, judging by the reactions from everyone who's seen the photo online, it looks like pretty much all the witnesses to the veritable work of art that is the Lucas Cradling the Baby Yoda agree. This is exactly the kind of energy we needed going into 2020, if we're being honest.

Positively adorable. Who gave the person who took this photo the right to melt so many hearts at once?

Speaking of hearts being melted, it still hurts a bit that The Mandalorian's season finale already aired. While once we were privy to a steady drip of Baby Yoda each week, it quickly trickled to a stop when the first batch of episodes finished showing on the new Disney+ streaming service.

Fortunately, we won't have to wait much longer for The Child to grace our screens once more. Favreau himself confirmed in late December that new episodes are indeed coming in fall 2020. That may feel like too far away right now, but with all the Baby Yoda merch in our future, like a cuddly Build-A-Bear version of the character hitting stores, we don't have to look too far to get our fix.